Acquisition and Divestiture Projects

RadiusPoint handles Acquisitions and Divestitures for our clients around the globe and enlists our in-house team to make these transitions a smoother process for both sides.

Our team can be involved at the very outset of the project to ensure that timelines are met and the services and invoices are transitioned.

All of this work is done to eliminate the need of the current Accounts Payable staff to take on the extra work and to eliminate overcharges due to the invoices not being transitioned properly.

Let RadiusPoint help your company Avoid the Pitfalls of your Divestiture.


Do you need assistance with:

  1. Identifying the accounts that are on the Master Accounts that are being sold off?

RadiusPoint can complete an inventory of all telephone and utility services that are billing on a Master Account.

  1. Identifying the contracts that are tied to your Master Accounts?

RadiusPoint can research each account with the vendor to determine what contract terms apply to each account. Identifying the shortfall and early termination fees before the transition starts can allow for a mid contract negotiation and eliminate the fees billed to your account.

  1. Planning and executing the entire transition process?

RadiusPoint has a well-seasoned team that can be as involved as needed throughout the planning and transition phase.

Learn more about what RadiusPoint can do for your business.
Read Some of Our Case Studies by Services Below:

Managed Services Trash Case Study

Kick Trash Overcharges To The Curb Are you paying attention to your company’s trash costs? Learn how an Eye Glass Retailer/ Manufacturer trusted RadiusPoint to manage their trash services, resulting in over 11% savings and reduced gas usage.   Retailer/Manufacturer – Managed Services Case Study Case Background A national Eye Glass and Contact Manufacturer and Retailer with 170 retail locations and 3 labs partnered with RadiusPoint to manage their telecom…

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Acquisition and Divestiture Projects Case Study

Background Companies that are involved in Acquisitions and Divestitures can experience many pitfalls if the transition is not well planned and fully executed.  Transitioning the telecom and utility invoices can create a huge time draw for any company and if not transitioned properly can cost both companies a lot of money. Solution A Client sold a division of their organization that included telecom, long distance, wireless, electric, gas, water/sewer and…

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Support Desk Case Study

RadiusPoint is an expense management expert. Clients rely on RadiusPoint to manage their invoices and identify dramatic savings. In the case details below, learn how RadiusPoint saved manufacturer client $100,000.00. Case Study Background An international glass manufacturer has over 120 locations and more than 2,200 land lines to manage. Approximately 80% of the landlines were provided by one local vendor and the remaining lines were provided by multiple vendors. The initial issues began…

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Professional Services

Case Study RadiusPoint’s Support Desk was contracted to perform the Federal Excise Tax  research needed for this Fortune 100 manufacturing company to recover excise  taxes paid on their telecom invoices for a three year period. The recovery  stemmed from the repeal of the Federal Excise Tax that was deemed invalid May  2006.  The tax, which was first created in 1898 to help finance the Spanish- American  War, most recently was…

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