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Why is Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) so important to your organization?

Communications Lifecycle Management is one of the top five operational expenses in your company. Managing these expenses smartly will yield big benefits throughout your organization.

Many organizations are disjointed and do not effectively communicate with other departments throughout their organizations. Many times the telecom or wireless department that manages the day to day operations of the services and expenses have no knowledge or information about contracts signed by the Purchasing department, or new services set up by the Real Estate department. This disorganization leads to invoices not being properly analyzed to identify and correct overcharges, or the assurance that new services are added to the Global contract when the services are set up.

RadiusPoint processes allows for a truly unique approach to Communication Lifecycle Management (CLM) that will tailor your solution to your specific organization’s needs. Whether you need assistance with your Wireless Management (WEM) program, Mobile Device Management (MDM) program, or your telecom and long distance expenses, RadiusPoint has the solution.