Enhanced Wireline Services

We are committed to saving you money while simplifying the delivery of professional, informed, courteous IT, Telecommunications and Electrical service technicians to your headquarters and remote locations.

Clients with existing field IT staff can rest assured that RadiusPoint will free their key employees from routine support tasks; allowing them to focus more effectively on projects that make the most business sense.

Our Technicians can also serve as an extension to companies with only a centralized IT staff, being the on-site Smart Hands your team needs to install new wiring & equipment and/or assess, diagnose, and repair/upgrade existing systems at your remote locations.

We also offers stand-in replacements when an important IT staff member is out sick, on vacation, or an extended leave-of-absence.

RadiusPoint installation and maintenance services cover a wide range of applications used by large, geographically-dispersed restaurant, hospitality/lodging, & retail chains, real estate/ property management companies, financial and healthcare institutions, manufacturers, general contractors/construction companies, and shipping/distribution/logistics companies. Our comprehensive suite of technical services support you every step of the way – from helping with the planning and installation of new equipment until it reaches end-of-life equipment and must be decommissioned.

Our Service offerings support companies' needs through every stage of their technology lifecycle, including:

  • Site Surveys/Planning
  • Installation & Move/Add/Change Services
  • Maintenance, Repair and Emergency Break/Fix Service
  • Replacements and Upgrades
  • Decommissioning Service


Technologies we service:

  • Network Cabling (Cat5/6, Fiber Optic, any low-voltage connectivity)
  • Network Equipment (i.e. Routers, Switches)
  • Network Infrastructure (racks, cabinets, patch panels, jacks, ladder rack, raceway/conduit)
  • Wireless Systems (Access Points, Controllers, Heat Mapping)
  • Phone Systems (VoIP & PBX)
  • Computers, Printers, Paging Systems, Fax
  • CCTV, Security Systems, Digital Signage, AV, Video Conferencing
  • POS (Point-Of-Sale) Systems, ATM's
  • Also Electrical, High Voltage Services


Keys to our success:

  • 4 Hour On-Site Response Time in US/Canada/Caribbean
  • High-quality Work That We Stand Behind and Guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service & Project Management
  • Best Value For The Services You Need: One Consistent Labor Rate Regardless of Time or Place, No Charge For Travel, No Hidden Fees, No Upfront Costs or Contracts Needed

Enhanced Mobility Services

RadiusPoint provides comprehensive electronics repair services supporting corporate and public sector customers. Our mission is to ensure that life goes on for every electronic device. RadiusPoint offers a full suite of reverse logistics capabilities. Our offerings are customizable and nimble, backed by a 25+ year history of operational excellence and stability.

Our extensively trained tech experts fix virtually every model of smartphone from leading manufacturers. Damaged devices are fully and securely restored, pass our rigorous quality assurance test and are returned with industry leading speed and service guarantees. Plus we buy, refurbish and resell used electronics that have lots of life still in them to enjoy and harvest parts from those that don’t. To meet a seemingly endless appetite for electronic devices, you need a reliable resource for quality repair, refurbishing, reselling and recycling. We are that resource.

Key contributors to our growth can help drive your business too:

  • A half century of experience repairing devices
  • Industry leading technical staff and advanced repair capabilities
  • Scalable and nimble
  • Full lifecycle suite of services
  • On-site call center
  • Best-in-class data security
  • ISO 9001:2008 process driven organization

The list goes on, from our tracking and customized reporting to our vast in-house parts inventory and our commitment to responsible R2 recycling.

Depot Repair & Refurbishment
Our 200+ certified repair technicians will efficiently repair your electronic devices. Our technicians work in our US based distribution centers that provide easy shipping globally, just as we did over 200,000 times last year for many of the country’s largest manufacturers and big-box retailers.

Advanced Exchange
RadiusPoint’s “Hot Swaps” spares program benefits our corporate and governmental clients in need of a ready supply of pre-configured devices. We are able to dispatch replacement units the same day to your customers or employees to minimize down time.

Asset Recovery & Recycling
RadiusPoint’s proactive IT Asset Disposal team maximizes your value recovery options on excess inventory, returns and tech-grade product. Once we’ve received your product—either directly from your end-users, or in truckloads from your distribution facilities—our expert technicians get to work turning them into reusable components or recycling them responsibly.

Trade-in & Repair
Employees and consumers can submit their devices to us for direct repair through our website, walk-in, or pick up & delivery service. We accept device trade-ins and offer thousands of different product SKUs of refurbished product for resale.

Liquidation & Wholesale
RadiusPoint buys and sells excess inventory from manufactures and retailers for refurbishment or resell, including overstock, returns and damaged goods. Our diverse portfolio of partners helps deliver the highest returns on liquidation and remarketing offers as you free up warehouse space.

Returns Management
Our on-site receiving warehouse features same-day processing and triage which maximizes the recovery rate of functional vs. non-functional products. Then our rigorous repair process yields the highest value return on cosmetic or functional defects, and avoids “as is” sales in the liquidation market. Because RadiusPoint has worked with electronic devices for almost half a century, we’ve handled virtually every circumstance of device returns, including specialized projects like product recalls and those requiring environmentally sensitive disposal.

Support Desk

Our highly trained and experienced in-house, U.S. based Call Center team delivers communications support that can actually help improve your customer satisfaction and increase loyalty. We offer a scalable agent model, integrated IT systems for easy visibility and prompt order tracking and reporting.

Orders, Moves, Adds, Changes & Disconnects (MACD’s)
Tier 1-3 Tech Support
Device & Service Support
Mobile Application Support
Redundant Locations

Asset Inventory & Management (Device Management)

Managing the assets of your organization can be a time consuming process. Mobile devices represent one of the fastest growing corporate costs, and also one of the least understood. RadiusPoint’s ExpenseLogic software has been helping companies get the most out of their wireless telecom budget by managing carrier expenses. RadiusPoint can help you reduce mobile expenses by 10-30%, without changing vendors.

Poor tracking can allow expenses to spin out of control very quickly. If you don’t know what resources you have, it’s impossible to use those resources effectively. RadiusPoint knows eliminating unneeded lines, streamlining services, and tracking equipment from a central location can result in substantial cost savings. Additionally, if you’ve been overcharged by the wireless carriers, we can help you obtain refunds.

Recovery and redeployment immediately reduces equipment expenditures, and ensuring that the decommissioned equipment is completely wiped of data will protect your company from possible breaches in security. As the quantity and usage of wireless devices continue to explode, RadiusPoint makes sure that your company can contain the costs.

Provisioning and Procurement

Order Management with RadiusPoint takes an end-to-end approach to auditing current services, activating new services, and managing delivery in an environment made increasingly complex by third parties, multiple vendors, and multiple technologies with our provisioning and procurement services.

Ordering services or troubleshooting existing services in a decentralized fashion can cost your organization thousands of dollars each year. RadiusPoint addresses your technology requirements and business operations with process analysis, solution deployment, and life-cycle management, saving your business both time and money. We aim to be a true partner for your business and technology transformations.

Our expert procurement services can support your mobility needs by sourcing the devices you need, at the right price.



The purpose of a RFP is for an organization to obtain bids from qualified Solution Providers to provide a  Telecom Expense Management, Technology Management, Wireless Expense Management and/or Utility Expense Management  Solution. The services typically include inventory management, sourcing, procurement and fulfillment, invoice management, expense management (audit and optimization), usage chargeback reporting, bill payment and, depending on your company needs, much more.

Preparing a RFP is a time-consuming task for any organization. Whether you are looking to obtain a Request For Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request For Quote (RFQ), RadiusPoint can take care of this process for you. We gather the necessary data to prepare the RFP, present the information and make recommendations based on your company’s direction. If you would like, RadiusPoint can then assist in the implementation phase as needed throughout the life of the RFP.

RadiusPoint offers experience, objectivity and an unbiased opinion on all of our recommendations. Our focus is to ensure that your organization has every competitive edge possible through invoice accuracy, current technology and industry trends.