Utility Watch takes RadiusPoint’s Expense Management services to another level.  With Utility Watch services, the RadiusPoint team will develop a program that will maximize the visibility into your services while reducing the monthly costs.  ExpenseLogic’s Deregulated Utility Bill Audit will ensure that the savings found for the deregulated states will be identified, quantified and reported on a monthly basis.

With ExpenseLogic, RadiusPoint’s Utility Bill Auditing software, the tariff rates and contract rates are validated on a monthly basis.  This unique software capability allows the RadiusPoint team to enhance your organizations Deregulated Energy procurement program while creating  a variety of reports, rich with Business Intelligence.  The Utility Watch team will manage your Energy Procurement program by creating various reports that will identify those locations that are trending with higher usage than other locations of the same size or that are billing outside the tariff or contract rates.  See below for the reporting and services that are included with Utility Watch.

Utility Watch Basic Services

  • Monthly Utility Usage Ranking – to determine Top 10 locations that have the highest electric, gas or water usage
  • Monthly Meter Usage Analysis – reports all locations meter usage, days of service, Demand multiplier, cost, etc.
  • Monthly Budget versus Actual reporting – the team will identify those locations that are exceeding budget amounts. Assistance with setting budgets.
  • Monthly Review of locations that can benefit from entering into a fixed rate supplier agreement for locations in deregulated markets.
  • Recurring Review of new locations that can benefit from moving to a supplier agreement
  • Identify trash services that can move to a corporate contract
  • Utility Deposit tracking and reporting
  • Annual Budget review and assistance with creation during budget timing
  • Access to Weather Normalization Analysis Report
  • Waste Management - Quarterly review for savings, bid process, supplier contracting and reporting (Management fee will apply)
  • Custom Reporting

Utility Watch Enhanced Services

  • Benchmarking
  • Carbon footprint reporting for EU requirements
  • ENERGY STAR Benchmarking and Certification
  • Energy Star Reporting
  • Assistance with Energy Star Certification
  • Demand Response Analysis and recommendations (Distribution Centers, Large facilities, etc.)
  • Lighting and HVAC retrofit and recommendations by a certified electrical engineer (additional cost will apply)
  • Utility data tracking


Management of energy is good business because it strengthens the bottom line. In many sectors, well-run energy programs may reduce energy costs by 3 to 10 percent annually. By improving financial performance, superior energy practices can create a competitive edge.

Strong energy management is a strategic asset. Besides reflecting overall management acuity, it can be a sign of future profitability. Financial analysts and investment firms increasingly view the quality of energy management as an indicator of financial performance.

ENERGY STAR helps organizations evaluate their energy performance and reduce energy use. Organizations are encouraged to begin by benchmarking the performance of their properties. Properties that perform in the top 25% compared to their peers nationwide (for certain property types), are eligible to earn ENERGY STAR certification. Properties that earn ENERGY STAR certification consume about 35% less energy than their non-ENERGY STAR counterparts.

What RadiusPoint will do?

  • Coordinate with clients Facilities Manager to obtain a master list of locations and square footage.
  • Identify locations that could benefit with Energy Star certification.
  • Benchmarking
  • Site Comparison reporting upon request
  • Monitor usage for fluctuation in energy use.
  • Identify locations that could benefit from an Energy Consultant’s or PE (Professional Engineer) onsite visit for evaluation of current energy use including facility lighting and Air Conditioning efficiency.
  • Assist in preparing necessary documentation for Energy Star certification.

Additional fees may apply for Energy Star or site visit but will be disclosed before proceeding with services.

The services above expand on your current Expense Management services by analyzing the invoices beyond what is included in the current services.    The current Expense Management services allows for the invoices to have a limit set based on a tariff rate or contract rate for the monthly audit.  The audit will identify any overages billed and will be reported by the Exceptions team.   Limits can also be set based on usage amounts and any amounts billed over the limit will be researched by the Exceptions team.   Errors are identified, researched and reported on the weekly Exceptions reporting.

RadiusPoint created the Utility Watch team to enhance the monthly expense management services.  RadiusPoint realizes that many of our Client’s do not have the time it takes to efficiently manage the costs and usage of the many meters at their locations.   Additionally, while the Business Intelligence reporting is available in RadiusPoint’s proprietary software, ExpenseLogic, most Client’s do not have the time to create the reports and analyze the data.  This is where the Utility Watch team will provide your Utility Team with information and recommendations to save money.

Support Desk

Our highly trained and experienced in-house, U.S. based Call Center team delivers communications support that can actually help improve your customer satisfaction and increase loyalty. We offer a scalable agent model, integrated IT systems for easy visibility and prompt order tracking and reporting.

Orders, Moves, Adds, Changes & Disconnects (MACD’s)
Service Support
Project Management

Asset Inventory & Management (Device Management)

Managing the assets of your organization can be a time consuming process. Mobile devices represent one of the fastest growing corporate costs, and also one of the least understood. RadiusPoint’s ExpenseLogic software has been helping companies get the most out of their wireless telecom budget by managing carrier expenses. RadiusPoint can help you reduce mobile expenses by 10-30%, without changing vendors.

Poor tracking can allow expenses to spin out of control very quickly. If you don’t know what resources you have, it’s impossible to use those resources effectively. RadiusPoint knows eliminating unneeded lines, streamlining services, and tracking equipment from a central location can result in substantial cost savings. Additionally, if you’ve been overcharged by the wireless carriers, we can help you obtain refunds.

Recovery and redeployment immediately reduces equipment expenditures, and ensuring that the decommissioned equipment is completely wiped of data will protect your company from possible breaches in security. As the quantity and usage of wireless devices continue to explode, RadiusPoint makes sure that your company can contain the costs.

Provisioning and Procurement

Order Management with RadiusPoint takes an end-to-end approach to auditing current services, activating new services, and managing delivery in an environment made increasingly complex by third parties, multiple vendors, and multiple technologies with our provisioning and procurement services.

Ordering services or troubleshooting existing services in a decentralized fashion can cost your organization thousands of dollars each year. RadiusPoint addresses your technology requirements and business operations with process analysis, solution deployment, and life-cycle management, saving your business both time and money. We aim to be a true partner for your business and technology transformations.

Our expert procurement services can support your mobility needs by sourcing the devices you need, at the right price.



The purpose of a RFP is for an organization to obtain bids from qualified Solution Providers to provide a  Telecom Expense Management, Technology Management, Wireless Expense Management and/or Utility Expense Management  Solution. The services typically include inventory management, sourcing, procurement and fulfillment, invoice management, expense management (audit and optimization), usage chargeback reporting, bill payment and, depending on your company needs, much more.

Preparing a RFP is a time-consuming task for any organization. RadiusPoint can take care of this process for you. We gather the necessary data to prepare the RFP, present the information and make recommendations based on your company’s direction. If you would like, RadiusPoint can then assist in the implementation phase as needed throughout the life of the RFP.

RadiusPoint offers experience, objectivity and an unbiased opinion on all of our recommendations. Our focus is to ensure that your organization has every competitive edge possible through invoice accuracy, current technology and industry trends.


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