Work Smarter, Not Harder.

ExpenseLogic is the powerful expense management software you need. Eliminate countless tedious hours and identify expensive billing errors and fees – automatically. ExpenseLogic easily performs your company’s Communication Lifecycle Management (CLM), Telecom expense management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM), Mobile Device Management (MDM,) and Utility Expense Management (UEM)  in one, easy-to-use platform. So you can put the time and money back where it belongs – into your organization.

Communication, telecom, and utility expenses are often the second or third largest business expenses after payroll. ExpenseLogic’s extensive data capture and reporting capabilities will ensure your spend is correct before payment leaves your office. Employing a robust permissions-based web reporting tool, ExpenseLogic gives each member of your team exactly the level of detail they need to be effective.

RadiusPoint takes a tailored set-up approach with ExpenseLogic, building into the database every detail that makes your organization run efficiently. ExpenseLogic allows for all impossible-to-manage invoices to be easily administered, audited, and paid on time.

A few of the reports that are offered:

  • Dashboard Views – This provides for 5 different dashboards available upon log in with chart and graph information that is relevant to a certain job title, Finance, Inventory, Contract, Invoices, Telecom, Facilities, etc..
  • SQL Ad Hoc Query – Truly unique pre-determined Ad Hoc Queries are available with the SQL Ad Hoc Query section
  • Exception Reporting – Identifies in line item detail overcharges billed by the vendor
  • Long Distance Audit by Service type – Identifies the amount of minutes and cost by service type with audit verification of contract rate
  • Long Distance Audit Monthly Service fee – Identifies the monthly service fees by location with audit verification of contract rate
  • Long Distance Line Analysis – Identifies the numbers billed by the long distance vendor for verification against Inventory database.
  • Long Distance Vendor Call Accounting - Identifies the Call Detail billed by the vendor.
  • PBX Call Accounting – Offers a variety of reporting options for Call Accounting
  • Minimum Annual Revenue Commitment (MARC) Analysis – This area lets you analyze your MARC against the contract commitments
  • Invoice Approval – This features allows invoices to be approved within the software for audit tracking
  • Invoice Image – View invoice images in multiple areas throughout ExpenseLogic
  • Missing Bill Reporting – Identifies invoices that have not been entered into ExpenseLogic within a specific time period. Time period is changed as necessary.
  • Wireless Zero Usage Reporting – Identifies all Wireless lines that have had no usage within a specified time period
  • Wireless Device Reporting – Intricately detailed information with over 70 fields of information about Wireless Devices being managed
  • Wireless Plan Reporting – Detailed plan information for contract or non contract rates and services
  • Wireless Inventory – Inventory Database of all Wireless information included users, devices, plans, and includes all services with over 70 fields of information
  • Wireless SQL Ad Hoc Query – Truly unique pre-determined Ad Hoc Queries are available with the SQL Ad Hoc Query section
  • Help Desk Management Reporting – Detailed MACD ticket reporting that shows full details of work completed, time spent, and costs
  • Inventory Database – The Inventory Database is a repository for all services, 1FB, Data, PRI, 1MB, Broadband, Conferencing, Electric meter, Gas meter, etc.
  • Equipment Maintenance and Lease Database – This Database houses your specific equipment information by serial number and includes information for lease and maintenance agreements and payments
  • Contract Repository – Repository for contract images and contract terms and conditions for all communication and utility contracts
  • Inventory Report – Quick snapshot or detailed report of all equipment and service inventory components
  • Master Detail and Summary reporting – Includes summary or detail report of invoice costs for specified time periods

Many reports can be emailed to end users at a specified time monthly.

ExpenseLogic Capabilities

  • Manages various Utility invoices, gas, energy, waste, garbage, sewer
  • Manages various telecom/IT invoices, telephone, long distance, mobile/wireless, data, cable
  • Email capabilities of various reports
  • Supports telecom and IT equipment procurement and management
  • Cost control features
  • Supports various discount models
  • Export function to Excel and to Website
  • Instant email function
  • Secure access driven passwords
  • Hierarchy as used and requested by client
  • User authorization levels, view, data entry, administrator
  • Real-time views of invoices
  • Accrual files, client specific
  • General Ledger Interface file, client specific
  • GL Interface examples: SAP, J.D. Edwards, Great Plains, Peoplesoft
  • Software Interface with Image software services, Image Now, Scan One, etc…
  • Software Interface with Help Desk ticketing software, Service Now, Start Ticket, etc…
  • Supports batch process
  • Error detection for contract compliance
  • Single platform for multiple types of expenses
  • Posts reports to website functionality
  • Email Report functionality
  • Asset management Repository and Tracking
  • Procure-to-pay lifecycle tool
  • Help Desk module
  • Management overview for multiple Support Desk users
  • Inventory reporting by location
  • View services by location
  • View exceptions/vendor errors
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