Inventory Audit

Keep a handle on expenses through an up-to-date, detailed inventory of contracted services. Whether you need a one-time inventory or a full inventory system, we’ll keep you on top of your contracts; helping you avoid costly overlaps or gaps in service.

RadiusPoint can track and report detailed information on:

  • Wireline Services, such as flat-rate lines, measured-rate lines, PRI’s, T1’s and point-to-point circuits.
  • Utilities, including electric meters, gas meters, deposit amounts, deposit status and demand multipliers.
  • Wireless Services and Equipment, including device models, device serial numbers, and user information.
  • Long Distance information such as dedicated vs. switched services and toll-free lines.

If you would like to learn more about what RadiusPoint can do for your company, please Contact Us for a free savings analysis.

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