RadiusPoint© Staff Achieves Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) Certifications| Orlando, FL, February 21,2014
RadiusPoint© announces that Sharon Watkins, CEO of RadiusPoint© and sister software company ExpenseLogic™, has achieved the Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) certification in December 2013 through the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). Other staff have started and will be starting their certification during 2014. “When I read the statistic that over 70% of outsourcing deals in 2013 and 2014 will be second and third generation deals, I knew that this was important,” states Sharon Watkins. Another important fact that has impressed the staff at RadiusPoint© is that over 85% of companies that outsource report that they get better results when having a COP working on the project. 

RadiusPoint© provides Business Process Outsourcing services for Telecom, Utility, and Loss Prevention Expense Management services, as well as Support Desk services for placing orders for services and equipment and a full Wireless and MDM solution. 

“The Telecom Outsourcing sector has been plagued with companies that schedule a set up timeframe, only for that timeframe to be extended by months or even a year, which causes skepticism in the prospective client because of past experiences,” states Watkins. The set up of the project sets the tone of the entire relationship, and having an unsuccessful set up with a client can destroy a relationship that has taken time to nurture and build. The delays can be caused by improper planning or development of files for interface purposes. The delays impact the overall Return on Investment promised to the client, which in turn undermines the relationship between the vendor and the client. Being successful in a business relationship calls for the business development staff to gather the correct information to provide to the implementation staff to ensure that a proper plan can be presented to the prospect to set the overall expectations. The upper management of RadiusPoint© and ExpenseLogic™ feel that the IAOP offers the right balance of training and support for their staff to achieve superior client relationships. 

Governance is another key aspect of the relationship; IAOP excels in teaching how to govern current contracts. The hands-on experience of the class allows interaction with other providers and clients to get real information that can be immediately used with current clients. The governance of the contract is so important to the life of the contract to ensure that everyone on both sides of the agreement has a complete understanding of the services and how success is measured. 

ExpenseLogic™ is a software and service company that offers a Telecom, Utility, and Loss Prevention Expense Management software tool for organizations that have multiple invoices and contracts from these types of vendors. ExpenseLogic™ was designed to meet the needs of organizations to interface with their accounting software to manage these more complicated invoices. With its drill-down capabilities and ability to audit on a line-item detail, ExpenseLogic™ is the most logical approach to managing various invoices and expenses, all on one single platform. 

RadiusPoint© provides a broad portfolio of business and technology expense management solutions to help its clients worldwide improve their business performance. Core services consist of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Software as a Service (SaaS), and License Software with respect to Telecom, Utility, Energy and IT invoice and expenses. RadiusPoint© uses ISO 9001 processes and meets government regulated standards (Sarbanes Oxley) through SSAE No. 16 certification. RadiusPoint’s© corporate headquarters is based in Orlando, Florida and provides services worldwide. 

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