The Situation

A nationwide health care provider with hundreds of employees, most of whom have an electronic device and service plan, understood that workforce mobility in a business environment is clearly not without its inherent challenges.
For this business, the challenges were really quite simple: managing device inventory and getting a handle on their associated service accounts. The solution was not so simple. The company recognized the difficulties and the specialized skillset required to manage a fleet of wireless devices.  Each device and accompanying service plan needed to be identified, tracked, pooled, recorded and paid.
Those challenges often become exacerbated because as an organization grows, it’s very common for the over-worked IT team or AP staff to rely on the vendor to make sure the account billing is correct and device count is accurate. While most vendors do their best, they can’t know which phones are lost, which tablets are broken, which are not being used and which employees no longer work for you.
This company soon acknowledged that if either their assumption of the vendors accuracy, or the vendors tracking is incorrect, the company is the one that pays.

The Resolution

RadiusPoint and ExpenseLogic are both proactive tools companies can use to help make sure both device management and service resources are being utilized to maximum efficiency.
The company brought in RadiusPoint to take on their Mobile Device Management, to help them better manages their service plans. RadiusPoint’s software, ExpenseLogic, quickly identified zero billing users across all of their wireless invoices. This was done through a Wireless Zero Usage Report that is a standard report in the ExpenseLogic software. Using that report, coupled with a service plan review with the client, RadiusPoint was able to identify that there were a number of users that had no data or voice usage on their wireless devices, for various reasons. These units were either eliminated or restructured. RadiusPoint was also able to provide some additional recommendations to reconfigure plans and pool minutes for all users.


The savings that RadiusPoint created for this client was $14,465.80 per month or annualized at $173,589.60. That’s a huge chunk of change back into the company’s bottom line.
In short: smartphones are the new computers. Smartphones and their associated service accounts need to be proactively managed.
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