RadiusPoint helps clients manage their inventory & spends, taking the stress off clients & saving them money. In the case below, learn how RadiusPoint helped a healthcare client earn a 448% ROI in the first 6 months of service.

Case Background

RadiusPoint was brought on board to assist a healthcare organization with 275 locations nationwide. The organization was having two common issues: 1) decentralized spending and 2) inaccurate inventory of telecom services.

RadiusPoint quickly discovered the client had no standards for ordering telecom services or for telecom invoice payment. As it stood, each healthcare location received a telecom invoice, the location approved the invoice and sent it to corporate for payment. Management of services and invoices became unmanageable for the client’s Corporate Telecom department, resulting in high lag time and past dues fees…not to mention headaches!

Increase Your Company’s Efficiency

In order to help this client, RadiusPoint first centralized the invoices. They contacted each vendor to send their invoices to RadiusPoint’s Orlando facility to be processed for payment.

Additionally, RadiusPoint leveraged its proprietary software, ExpenseLogic, to create a concise list of invoices and services. This list allowed the client’s Corporate Telecom department to readily identify which services were utilized at each location and to cut costs for unnecessary services. This reporting also allowed the organization to identify areas where services and equipment could be upgraded or altered to create savings.

Get The Results You Need

RadiusPoint worked with the facilities and the Corporate Telecom department to create an ROI of 448% during the first six (6) months of service. Additionally, RadiusPoint identified and received almost $19,000 in refunds for the client, which went directly to the organization’s bottom line.

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