Kick Trash Overcharges To The Curb

Are you paying attention to your company’s trash costs? Learn how an Eye Glass Retailer/
Manufacturer trusted RadiusPoint to manage their trash services, resulting in over 11% savings
and reduced gas usage.

Retailer/Manufacturer – Managed Services Case Study

Case Background

A national Eye Glass and Contact Manufacturer and Retailer
with 170 retail locations and 3 labs partnered with
RadiusPoint to manage their telecom and utility services,
as well as their trash services.
At the time, there were no standards to order and establish
trash services. This was a huge issue, because the
size of the containers and the number of pickups varied
with each location. Additionally, some of the contracts were more than twenty (20) years old
and had been rolled over and increased by the vendor with no checks in place to validate
cost effectiveness. Lastly, there was no buying power because there were so many vendors


RadiusPoint contacted the vendor at each location to request a copy of the current contract,
and identified the size of the container and the timing of the trash retrieval. It was discovered
that the locations could all move to a smaller container with fewer retrievals. RadiusPoint
contacted each vendor to identify the following:
1. Was the current contract valid?
2. Can the location move to a smaller container with
fewer retrievals?
3. Can the contract be negotiated mid-term to
reduce the monthly rates?
4. Can the vendor be consolidated to increase
buying power?

Get The Results You Need.

RadiusPoint worked with each location and identified savings of 11%. The savings generated
were a result of RadiusPoint’s negotiations with current and new vendors, whom they convinced
to sign new agreements in place of old evergreen contracts. Additionally, the reduction
of the size of container not only reduced the monthly fees, but also reduced the amount of gas
used by the vendor to service the locations.
Contact RadiusPoint today to learn how we can help manage your trash services and
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