If you have been following our recent posts these past few weeks, you might have a decent understanding of Telecom and Utility Expense Management by now. We have informed you that we can cut costs and streamline processes to essentially put money back into your company’s pocket by listing our capabilities. What we have not done is show you howRadiusPoint can do this through technology management. Technology management encompasses both tangible products, such as your computers or data circuits, and knowledge about processes and methods. As a TEM provider, we have a deep understanding of these communication and technology life cycles.
Utilizing a company that reduces your teams workload significantly sounds like a dream come true, right? Technology Management helps to reduce your overall spend and can honestly be done by any number of TEM companies, so what makes RadiusPoint favorable over other large corporations?
For starters, our proprietary software, ExpenseLogic is one of kind. It was created in house by our IT subject matter experts who maintain it. ExpenseLogic is user friendly, provides a single platform to house Inventory, Asset Management, Support Desk Cases, Repair Tickets, Contracts and much more. RadiusPoint combines the robust capabilities with our teams of subject matter experts which provide equipment replacement and technology refresh recommendations. Essentially, ExpenseLogic really can do it all. We provide our clients with a competitive advantage that produces the most cost effective technology while allowing our clients to focus on the core of their business. Of course demonstrating our services through paper is nearly impossible, but offering solid ROI numbers can alleviate any concerns and validate the management of technology is far more efficient and much more effective than using headcount.
In addition to our robust capabilities, our pricing is extremely competitive in this industry. We provide our clients with the ability for RadiusPoint to offer some assistance, fully outsource or somewhere in between. We work with our clients to support their office equipment, wireless/wireline devices, laptops, tablets, computers and much, much more based on their individual needs. (For a complete list of devices we can service, click here.)
Identifying an experienced technology management team that exceed expectations will not only uncover potential savings and optimize expenses, but will allow you to put the time and money back where it belongs – into your organization. For over 26 years, RadiusPoint has done just this and will continue to. Watch for upcoming articles that will provide more insight into our technology capabilities in the coming weeks.
In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about our services and how RadiusPoint can save you time and money, please visit our website or contact us today!