RadiusPoint helped their client obtain refunds of over $348,000 in annual savings!

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Trying to keep up with wireless devices and accessories is a daily chore for a nationwide company that markets and distributes poultry products.   With over 200 locations that includes farms, ranch’s, plants and distribution facilities, the use of over 3,500 devices kept the one person designated to the task busy on a good day.   Meeting the needs of each user was a monumental task because of the varied uses of the wireless devices.

When RadiusPoint because involved in the Wireless Expense Management, the device count was at its highest point in the company’s history and the CFO wanted to know who was using each device.  On top of not knowing who had what device, the current contracts were expiring and the some of the devices were being billed at the incorrect rate.


RadiusPoint recommended our “Register Your Device” program that involved each user completing a form that identifies the user, their Employee ID, their Cost Center and physical address.  RadiusPoint develops each Client their own branded website so that there is ease of use for each employee.   Once the information is entered, it is uploaded into ExpenseLogic, RadiusPoint’s proprietary software to match with the vendor’s phone number and device information that was previously loaded.

Once all users had registered their devices, RadiusPoint identified over 200 phones that were being paid for employees that no longer worked for the company.

  • This created an immediate $14,000.00 per month savings or annually $168,000.00!
  • The incorrect contract rates were identified by phone number and another $15,000.00 per month was identified in over charges for a 12 month period.  This created a $180,000.00 credit!
  • With the remaining phones and services, a new contract was negotiated that reduced the current contract rates by 15%. 

RadiusPoint has a fully robust Wireless Expense Management (WEM) software that will manage the end user by Employee ID, the devices and equipment by Serial number and the phone number with contract plans.   Reporting is also a key component to the WEM program with various reports that can be emailed out to the end user and their manager on a monthly basis.



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