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RadiusPoint provides a technology based software and a process driven solution for Telecom Expense Management, Wireless Expense Management, and Utility Expense Management. The RadiusPoint solution utilizes it’s proprietary software, ExpenseLogic to provide a single-source management platform for the entire life-cycle of your business.

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RadiusPoint © Recognized in Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management


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About Us

Trusted Leader Since 1992

RadiusPoint was founded in January 1992 as an Expense Management company specializing in Telecom, Wireless, and Utility expenses.  We provide a technology based software and a process driven solution for Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM), and Utility Expense Management (UEM). The RadiusPoint solution utilizes our intelligent software, ExpenseLogic TM, to provide a single-source management platform for the entire lifecycle of the expense and invoice for telecom, wireless, utility services. From the procurement of the services then the receipt of the invoice to the payment of vendors, our automated processes deliver results.

Globally Trusted for over 27 Years

The RadiusPoint Team has been creating positive Return on Investment for our Client’s for over 27 years.

Supports All Currencies

ExpenseLogic supports all currencies and includes a Currency Converter for real time currency market rate exchange.  The currency of the invoice would be used for the set up of the account in ExpenseLogic.

Supports Multiple Languages

Any language can be supported since the language tables have been created for translation into the selected language.  This customization can be completed for any language.  Currently supported: English, French and Spanish.

RadiusPoint © receives IT Schedule 70 contract from the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide expense management solutions to the Federal Government and its agencies.

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Why choose us

RadiusPoint understands that Telecom, Wireless and Utility, invoices are unique, and need special attention. Our focus on these transactions has allowed ExpenseLogic TM to become the most intelligent and flexible software application, and service offering in the industry. ExpenseLogic’s superior technology, coupled with the technical expertise of the RadiusPoint staff, transforms your billing data into immediate cost savings, strategic information, and insight. We offer services and software tools that consistently exceed the expectations of our clients in the management of the lifelines of their businesses, both nationally and internationally.

Create a positive return on investment for each of our clients.


Maintain an Ease-of-Use Service Model for our clients.


Provide a knowledgeable staff to effectively provide our clients with superior customer service.


Continually update our knowledge, skills, and technology to stay ahead of our competition and create a one-of-a-kind partnership with our community of clients.


RadiusPoint Announces Clients’ Average ROI of 587% for 2018

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Past Performance - Overall ROI


2017 Overall ROI


2016 Overall ROI


2015 Overall ROI

Current Performance - Overall ROI


How do we measure success?

RadiusPoint’s © Proven processes in complete communication and utility lifecycle management have been monitored, changed and improved over a 27 year period, creating the highest possible savings for our Clients.

RadiusPoint’s ROI has been on an upward trend since our inception in 1992 and most recently achieved a record of: 


ROI for the Year 2018

RadiusPoint provides a Quarterly report to allow our Clients to view the actual costs avoided and the credits that have been placed on the invoices or refunds that have been reimbursed by check.  The credits are verified by viewing a subsequent invoice to determine if the credit has been given.  Additionally, RadiusPoint provides the actual number of invoices processed to allow the Client to see what expenses are being saved by using RadiusPoint’s Invoice Processing services.


2018 Overall ROI

2018 Statistics by Industry

  • Healthcare – 1,209%
  • Manufacturing – 1,181%
  • Restaurant- 1,175%
  • Financial – 960%
  • Retail – 634%
  • Aviation & Logistics – 542%

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