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Managing the contract is the first step in ensuring that the rates promised during the sourcing and proposal process are being delivered. It assures that any rate changes and discounts are realized on your bottom line. With RadiusPoint, all contracts can be attached in the software for easy desktop retrieval. Contracted rates are used to audit each applicable line item on the invoice. ExpenseLogic can set a limit for any line-item detail identified in a contract, creating one of the most thorough continuous audits in the industry. Meticulous management of the contract ensures that the rates promised during the Proposal and Sourcing phases are being delivered, and that the savings show up on your bottom line.

Contract Management is easy with ExpenseLogic’s Contract Management database. The Contract Management database ties the service or devices and equipment with the contract and gives the capability to view the actual contract document. Email notification 90, 30 and 30 days prior to expiration ensures that your contract expirations won’t be missed.

Using the ExpenseLogic software platform, RadiusPoint neatly organizes invoices and contracts so they can be easily viewed at the touch of a button. Comprehensive document imaging, management, and archival allows managers to effortlessly oversee the costs of the organization.

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