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RadiusPoint manages your communications and utilities – from procurement to payment. RadiusPoint provides the most comprehensive approach to Enterprise Technology and Utility Expense Management by reducing costs, increasing productivity and delivering predictable, reliable results.

RadiusPoint Included as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management!

Powerful Expense Management Software.

  • Reduce IT Spend By 15-30%

  • Enhanced Scalability

  • Evolving Technology

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Our intelligent software supports Financial, Operations, and IT/Telecom departments with real-time access to important data analytics. ExpenseLogic’s centralized location maintains basic through advanced business operations information, such as vendors, services, orders placed, contract and lease terms, and assets/equipment, enabling organizations to manage multiple vendors, end-users, and purchases on a daily basis.

Everything you need in one Solution.

Cloud-Based Platform

ExpenseLogic™ is the powerful expense management software you need. It eliminates countless hours and automatically identifies expensive billing errors and fees.

RadiusPoint takes a tailored set-up approach by building into the database every detail that makes your organization run efficiently. This allows for all impossible-to-manage invoices to be easily administered, audited, and paid on time.

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Automate and Control Expenses

RadiusPoint will help you automate, control & reduce communication expenses.

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RadiusPoint © receives IT Schedule 70 contract from the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide expense management solutions to the Federal Government and its agencies.