The Electric company shows up to disconnect the services at your facility, what do you do now?

The answer to that question is very important because when a service is disconnected, it WILL take hours to get service re-established, possibly days.

Can your location operate without electricity or phones?

Absolutely not!  All facilities need their electricity and phones to be able to do business.   Without these lifelines at each of your facilities, the doors will close and there will be loss of business.

Ensuring that the lifelines of your business, the telephone and utility services are paid on time can be a monumental task each month.  The vendors play hardball when the services become past due and many telephone and utility vendors do not give your Accounts Payable department time to process the invoice and get a check in the mail.

An international aviation company with over 500 locations had more invoices coming in each month than the Accounts Payable team could realistically manage.  They needed visibility into the telecom, wireless and utility invoices, however the already stretched Accounts Payable team could only pay the bills to keep the services on.  Additionally, this company new that their average cost to process an invoice was well above the Account Payable Network average of $13.49 per invoice.

RadiusPoint took over the telecom, wireless and utility invoices when this company requested the Telecom Expense Management, Wireless Expense Management and Utility Expense Management services.   The RadiusPoint Project Manager created the Set up timeline and assisted the Accounts Payable team with the gathering of information.

Each telephone invoice was set up by phone number with applicable services that billed under each number.  The Utility services were set up by the actual meter number and the physical address of each was established in the Inventory section of ExpenseLogic.  The wireless number and device information was gathered from the wireless vendors and set up in the Inventory section.

Inquiries were made with each vendor regarding contract status and contract images were obtained and added in ExpenseLogic for full and complete Contract Management.   The contract costs were set as limits so that the line item detail would receive a monthly audit of each cost.

This company has been saving on average 326% monthly due to the elimination of the Accounts Payable manual task and the errors that ExpenseLogic identifies and RadiusPoint obtains refunds or avoids costs.


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