Previously, we have been focusing on our Future of IoT series. Let’s take a break and turn our attention toward an emerging technology, Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI or machine learning. AI solutions continue to dominate the future of the IT market.

AI Explanation 

By Gartner’s definition, “Artificial intelligence is technology that appears to emulate human performance typically by learning, coming to its own conclusions, appearing to understand complex content, engaging in natural dialogs with people, enhancing human cognitive performance or replacing people on execution of nonroutine tasks.”
With the primary focus on IoT and AI, enterprises are investing in new technology to enhance customer experience, improve agility and ultimately decrease costs while increasing revenue. Many companies are already using machine learning and big data analytics to optimize and improve automation.
To align with these upward trends, companies should address three key recommendations in AI Solutions:

  • How AI can solve issues instead of simply offering technology
  • Explain how your solution will help others overcome difficulties
  • Be clear on what differentiates your AI offerings and problems solved

How is RadiusPoint utilizing AI to improve user experience, provide insight, and augment intelligence?


In essence, RadiusPoint© manages telecom and utility invoices using their licensed software, Expenselogic™. As an intelligent could-based SaaS, ExpenseLogic’s centralized location maintains basic through advanced business operations information, such as vendors, services, ID’s, orders placed, contract and lease terms, and assets/equipment, enabling organizations to manage multiple vendors, end-users, and purchases on a daily basis.

Our AI Solution

Once all information is stored, the software begins to audit against limits set, contract rates and anything the company needs to control. If an overage appears, ExpenseLogic will flag it in the software and generate a report to be sent out daily or weekly. The system’s algorithms can also generate a missing bill report to ensure all invoices are accounted for.
Ultimately, investments in new technology require time, testing and repetition. Ensure leadership is focusing on automation and forward thinking AI strategies to increase performance. Doing so will increase workflows and optimize costs throughout your business.

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