Managing hundreds of office locations nationwide is a daunting task for the CIO and the IT team.  Add in the many mergers, acquisitions and partnerships and the management gets more complicated with each new technology offering.   Often the “want” to cut costs to save money does not meet the “will” simply because new technologies are overlooked or deemed too risky to try.

A nationwide medical group with more than 400 locations was overspending on their POTS lines that were dedicated to their fax lines.  Each office received referral faxes from doctors and hospitals that equated to business revenue of $5,000.00 for each referral.  It was imperative that the POTS lines be working, and the fax machines were of the latest technology to ensure that no fax transmissions failed.

The cost of the POTS lines continued to increase annually as the telecom vendors wanted to get out of the POTS line business.  Circuits were far more lucrative services for the telecom vendors, so the resellers entered the market to sell POTS lines at a discounted rate.  There were issues with the reseller’s services though because if a POTS line went down, it could take 2-4 days to get services back up which for this company could mean losses of thousands of dollars each day.

The average POTS line cost was $85.00 per line which equated to $24,000.00 per month spent on the monthly lines alone.  This did not involve the cost of the fax machine and paper.    RadiusPoint initially inventoried each line at all locations and identified the fax lines being used at each location.  A Request for Proposal was sent out for the POTS lines and the savings created a 15 % per month reduction in POTS line costs.

The next issue to tackle was the process, which involved entering in the paper fax into their system and then scanning the actual fax transmission/document back into their system.   This process took approximately 30 minutes of manual tasks per fax which cost the company over $300k per month.

While identifying a solution for the POTS monthly costs, RadiusPoint also identified a process driven solution to not only eliminate all POTS lines but to also automate the manual tasks of printing, entering data and scanning the received faxes.  This automated solution that involved Artificial Intelligence allowed for a 100% guarantee on no missed fax transmissions and through robotic technology, the manual processes were eliminated.

Since the inventory performed by RadiusPoint had identified each fax number at each location, the process of converting those numbers to the Efax solution was an extremely quick process.  Once the new solution was up and running, RadiusPoint contacted each vendor to eliminate the POTS line.

While the CIO and IT Team was eager to embrace new technology that would make the Referral business completely digital, the rest of the management team was skeptical.   As one leader stated, “savings this money each month would be phenomenal, but losing only 5 referrals at a location would quickly wipe out the savings derived from the removal of the POTS lines.”  The IT team presented proven and validated processes to support the new business process and finally won over the management team.  For this Healthcare organization, the hard dollar savings coupled with the soft dollar savings from reduction in manual processes, this technology proved to be a winner.

Monthly savings from POTS line removal $288K Annually

Annual cost savings for manual tasks: $3.6MM Annually


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