RadiusPoint and Broussard Logistics Unveils New Integrated Partnership

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orlando, FL September 18, 2019— RadiusPoint©, one of the leading telecom, wireless, and utility expense management provider and Broussard Logistics, the premier logistics management supplier is pleased to announce their integrated partnership, that adds significant value to both businesses under RadiusPoint’s Prestigious Partner Program. Broussard Logistics has assisted many companies to move equipment [...]

Introducing License Manager to ExpenseLogic 8.0 Users

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orlando, FL September 11, 2019—RadiusPoint, the leading service provider for telecom and utility expense management, has announced they will be adding the License Manager to be managed within ExpenseLogic 8.0 software. This new and exciting addition will allow users to manage the license for your Mobile devices, Cloud services, and Software licenses. [...]

Announcing Third Quarter Improvements to ExpenseLogic 8.0

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orlando, FL September 04, 2019—RadiusPoint, industry-leader for telecom, wireless and utility expense management, has announced the availability of enhanced capabilities for ExpenseLogic Version 8.0. Each Quarter of 2019, RadiusPoint has continuously improved upon this version based on their client’s input and needs. New additions now allow end-users to change their login credentials at [...]

New to IoT Business Automation? Here’s What You Need to Know

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While many businesses are just beginning to integrate IoT business automation into their enterprise, there are many organizations that still don’t understand the essential success of doing so. Not only does business automation software reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies. Given the impact of the overall budget, many companies have can create another avenue of [...]

Why TEM Should Be Your Company’s First and Main Focus

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Did you know telecommunication services rank as one of the top five expenses for most enterprises, and this will only continue to grow with current business trends? The average global enterprise works with more than 70 carriers. Issues can easily arise if mismanagement of these relationships has occurred. Yes, there have been many revolutionary strides [...]

5 Strategies That Will Help Reduce Telecom Expenses

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From fixed and mobile devices to local and international transactions. When it comes to business operating expenses, it’s no surprise that telecom expenses are usually at the top of the list! Our mission here at RadiusPoint is to provide a single-source management platform in order to improve business performance for our clients. Did you know [...]

RadiusPoint Uncovers the Benefits of Online Ordering

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For the past two months, RadiusPoint wanted to uncover the benefits of online ordering and how companies can easily intergrate them.Therfore, have honed in on our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Utility Expense Management (UEM) services by giving you an inside look of our capabilities. This week, our aim is to address issues your company may be facing [...]

Eco-friendly & Cost Efficient Water Management

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Utility costs rank as one of the highest expenses to manage but are typically not a priority for management. Saving your company money is crucial because let’s face it, money wasted is incredibly futile in a world with such easy access to technology and knowledge. Evaluating water and energy efficiency will yield effective cost savings. [...]

Uncovering Hidden Charges of Acquisitions and Divestitures

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In the three-part series Avoiding the Pitfalls of Acquisitions and Divestitures, a lot of information was covered about certain processes that should be followed. Sometimes it is easier said than done and the best-laid plans go out the window when multiple departments become involved. While the purchasing company shares the largest part of the work when it [...]

Taking the Ripple Effect out of Mobile Device Management | RadiusPoint ©

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Taking the Ripple Effect out of Mobile Device Management A lot has been made of the “bring your own device” (BYOD) Revolution, employees bringing their own devices into the workplace and hooking up to corporate networks, leading to security threats and mad scrambles to block open gateway’s that malware and malicious software can use to [...]

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