RadiusPoint has been working with a medical company that is a nationwide leader in home medical products.  The company has locations spread out across the US and did the right thing by signing a multi-year contract with a leading phone services provider.  Due to of the size and scope of this medical company, for signing the deal with the vendor, the vendor promised to include a credit in month 3 of the contract totaling $115,000.00.  The provider would also supply this company with a price break on phone lines, circuits for their MPLS platform and long distance services.  However RadiusPoint found that the promised credit was not given.
RadiusPoint worked steadily with the vendor, requesting the promised credit.  After weeks of follow up meetings, the vendor finally gave the $115,000 credit on month 6 of the services.

But it didn’t end there…

During the time we were meeting with the vendor, RadiusPoint dug deep into the client’s contract, and using our ExpenseLogic software, we found this same client needed to receive a credit for $6,849.60 for 4 circuits that were not billing at the correct contract rate.   The actual credit requested ended up being over $15k as the vendor is still working to get the rates corrected to the contract rate.  Because of RadiusPoint’s diligence, the client will also avoid future on-going costs of $2,054.88 per month.
All of this occurred because RadiusPoint’s ExpenseLogic software is built for auditing invoices for each line item on the circuits including port, frame relay, permanent virtual circuits, mileage and maintenance.
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