What is an SLA?  

SLA stands for Service Level Agreement which is a contract that outlines how a service is carried out to a customer. The importance of maintaining a solid SLA is just as important as the delivery of the service. Not only are expectations/responsibilities of client and provider clearly defined in an SLA, but it also explains who, what where, when and how piece of the puzzle.  
When outsourcing any service to a third party, you want to make sure all expectations of both parties are visibly outlined and there is a clear understanding of how issues will be prioritized.

How RadiusPoint© Delivers SLA’s

If you are paying for internet services from your vendor, you expect high speed, no dropped calls, and no disruptions of services. The same goes for other industries such as outsourced IT support, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), expense management and so on.
For RadiusPoint, a leader in the Telecom, Wireless and Utility Expense Management fields, sustaining a secure, and compliant SLA is vital to our workflow process. Priority #1 is to ensure you not only receive a service that fits your business model, but you also receive a service that exceeds expectations in its delivery. While we provide expense management in different areas, our method is the same when managing the entire lifecycle of the invoice and our job is to effectively communicate how our automated processes will deliver savings to clients.

Stay Informed

Know the terms of your SLA and stay informed because unfortunately, not every provider is honest in ensuring all areas in the agreement are covered. Some things to keep in mind when reviewing the SLA are below:

  • Understand the entire scope of service you are receiving
  • What kind of performance is to be expected?
  • Timeframe to resolve any issues?
  • Any reimbursements for services not carried out effectively or at all?
  • Management of data and compliance concerns

SLA’s can be in granular detail and others can take on an informal approach. The takeaway is to know what processes are in place, key expectations on both ends, and call to actions if an issue(s) were to arise.

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