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What is Telecom Expense Management | TEM ?

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is the process of managing large enterprises communications costs to include fixed voice and data, mobile devices, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), VoIP, and any other IT related services. From support, provision, procurement, and tracking of inventory, we provide IT and Finance departments the necessary tools required for strategic technology decision making as well as emerging IoT deployments.

Here at RadiusPoint, we streamline processes to benefit our clients. These processes range from inventory audit to paying vendors. Through ExpenseLogic ™, our proprietary software, your telecom invoices are line-item audited against contract rates, company usage policies and much more.


According to the Aberdeen Group, average Fortune 500 Companies spend $100+ million yearly on telecom services. Of this, $8 million are lost profits due to vendor errors.

Get a handle on your #Telecommunication expenses and avoid overpaying with RadiusPoint’s TEM solution.

  • Reduce your overall spend by 10-30%

  • Save up to 14% on telecom charges

  • Full visibility on a single platform

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5 Strategies That Will Help Reduce Telecom Expenses

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From fixed and mobile devices to local and international [...]

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