As organizations prepare to close out another year, many IT leaders and Utility managers review each project, goal and budget to determine where their company stands. As you plan for the upcoming year, it’s a good idea to determine what changes need to be made, make goals and set timelines for certain projects to remain under budget. Most departments wonder how, or if, they will accomplish all of these objectives given their budget and available staff. Luckily, 2019 is the year you worry no more!
At RadiusPoint, we work with our clients to achieve these goals while assisting to reduce any unnecessary charges. RadiusPoint has been successful for almost 26 years in providing impressive ROI’s for our clients year over year.  These outcomes are the result of our industry experts that assist clients with Technology Management, Wireless Expense Management, Utility Expense Management and much more!
Our relationships are more than vendor/client affiliations, we are partners. Throughout each year we determine what each of our client partners are looking to accomplish and we work with them to achieve these goals. We understand that the scope of each project varies, so we customize each plan to assist where needed and build new technology into our software that our clients suggest/need. This year, we were able to test several new features and services, allowing RadiusPoint to provide expanded capabilities and services.  Due to such great success, RadiusPoint has brought fresh ideas to our services and ExpenseLogic platform.  In 2018, we added the following technology to ExpenseLogic:

  • Mobile App – this will allow for online order placement
  • Cloud specific reporting; cloud billing can be processed now
  • Internet of Things/IOT section; this will allow the various types of Internet billing to be processed and managed on the platform
  • End User Dashboard specifications
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the addition of decision-making and learning from past experience will enhance the end users experience

For the upcoming year in 2019, we will be adding:

  • Site Map – see a map view of all of your locations with drill down to get to your specific cost, services and equipment
  • Intelligent Queue (IQ) ordering – only order catalog for all of your equipment ordering
  • Contract Pipeline Management – One report to project contract expirations to better plan your renewals
  • Trend Analysis reporting – Big data that transforms all of those invoices and expenses into trends that you can use

We also understand that projects don’t end after implementation; there are still expenses to manage, processes to follow, contracts to observe, etc. As your partner, RadiusPoint removes these worries by continuing to manage the expenses of each service and project so that you can focus on the needs of your business. Utilizing our proprietary software, ExpenseLogic, we work to ensure you are not paying any more than necessary. This is done through contract compliance, employee conformity, vendor accountability, recommendations (technology, optimization.), etc. Our priority is to not only keep costs at bay but identify savings to put back into your budget.
Through the combination of cutting-edge technology, extensive knowledge, and over 27 years of experience, we make sure objectives are met on and under budget.  As you prepare for 2019, can you say your organization will do the same?
For more information on RadiusPoint solutions, visit our website at or contact us today to speak with a representative.