Many IT and Operation managers are unaware of all factors that impact corporate use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), resulting in unknown budgets for any type of stipends or reimbursements. On the other side to this, there is little research done on costs if companies should be issuing out the devices themselves rather than allowing personal devices to be used for work.
Gartner suggests these challenges are due to less time to research, little access to resources and struggle to involve the right departments such as legal, HR and finance. Failure to bring awareness to certain key stakeholders will vastly affect costs, especially when determining budgets. Certain factors should be evaluated prior to deciding whether to provide compensation in a BYOD environment or to issue devices out:

  • Legal Matters
  • Cost Factors
  • Employee Culture
  • BYOD programs

Gartner also advises that if your company possesses more than 2000 device users, assessing third-party solutions can lower overall costs as well.

Engage in third-party solutions

A third party vendor such as a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) partner can help manage the wireless devices from procurement to retirement. With little time available on a managers day to day activities, researching and developing a strategic plan can be nearly impossible. However, with a TEM partner in place, you will not have to worry about these above factors alone as RadiusPoint, a TEM provider will do the work for you. Gartner mentions that even though the costs of these services may offset the cost of owning or reimbursing the devices themselves if you have a high number of users receiving payments, it will be well worth exploring this field.

An Effective third-party Party Solution

RadiusPoint, an expert in expense management, has been operating for over 26 years focusing on controlling telecom and wireless costs. Of course, there were not always wireless devices, but as technology grew, so have we. By offering full visibility into data usage of each device, owner details, and overall view into carrier plans, it’s no doubt we will be able to minimize costs and provide savings. We help navigate your options and help you understand the full picture of device management on one software platform.
This begs the question: How do you fully ensure which employee has what phone if it’s corporate owned, you are reimbursing the right amount with BYOD and no security breaches take place on employee’s phone?

 Mobile Device Management

This can be answered with one simple yet effective solution. RadiusPoint takes TEM a step further and offers Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), a term Gartner uses as they suggest many companies integrate with both a TEM and EMM partner to solidify managing all aspects of a device. Our MDM services involve already using a third party MDM provider which integrates with our proprietary cloud-based platform, ExpenseLogic. The application supports policy-based controls that can alert the admin if an error or overage occurs in real time and much more.

Robust Software Application

Whether you use corporate-owned or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), policies and security measures must be in place to prevent the exposure of sensitive data as well.
RadiusPoint takes a centralized approach to MDM and enables businesses to address the challenges associated with increased Enterprise mobility using our cloud-based software. We alleviate all security concerns as we place safety protocols on all devices, covering your needs from start to finish. By unifying management, control, and report on the current inventory of devices and services, our intent is to optimize the functionality and security of mobile devices while protecting sensitive company data.

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