Large corporations utilize a mobile workforce due to its impact on productivity. With this increased efficiency and obvious convenience, mobile phones have transformed the corporate world as employees lose 12.5% efficiency without access to a device says Enterprise Mobility Exchange. However, more power comes more responsibility. The hassle of contacting mobile vendors or maneuvering through carrier portals to locate any discrepancies on invoices can be overwhelmingly tiresome.
The most common mobility challenges derive from issues controlling both hard and soft savings. To optimize these costs effectively, companies must use innovative technology and a dedicated subject matter expert team to accurately manage device carriers, data plans, usage and more. According to Blue Hill ResearchManaged Mobility Services can provide higher levels of service compared to in-house management, and a three-year ROI ranging from 150% – 450% by reducing monetary, opportunity, and employee costs for the enterprise.
Even if you have strategic processes in place, a centralized approach to managing devices enables businesses to address the challenges associated with increased Enterprise mobility. At RadiusPoint, we provide full Communication Lifecycle Management (CLM) for our clients, while optimizing hard and soft savings dollar through our proprietary software, ExpenseLogic. Utilizing an easy-to-use portal that allows real-time data, visibility and Business Intelligence in granular detailed reporting will not only save you money but save 60% of your staff’s time to focus on your core business strategy.
We unify management, control, and report on the current inventory of devices and services by:
·              Contract sourcing, procurement & compliance
·              Staging and kitting needs
·              Device management and optimization
·              24/7 Support Desk servicesand more
Our MDM solution takes care of each device for its full life cycle, from provision to retirement.
In addition to providing our clients with the full life-cycle of devices, our ROI is priority 1. In 2017, our average ROI was 1,079% for our Clients across all business sectors. Yes, you read that right. We are essentially paying you to work with us. The reason is that companies are unaware of how easily mistakes occur and the false information gap between vendors and key employees. Just recently, we had a phone call where the vendor did not know they had active mobile devices from employees who had been gone for almost 5 years. They had no idea they were paying for someone who was retired. Not only do we save you money, we can catch errors before they appear on the invoice and put money back in your pocket.
Blue Hill Research shows that the direct monetary cost of not acting is actually higher than the cost of Managed Mobility. Partnering with a qualified Mobile Management company with robust online reporting tools will not only uncover potential savings and optimize expenses, but will allow you to put the time and money back where it belongs – into your organization. For over 26 years, RadiusPoint has done just this and will continue to.
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