RadiusPoint© Celebrates 21 Years | Orlando, FL, January 23, 2013
RadiusPoint© celebrates 21 years of providing services to loyal clients this January. RadiusPoint© provides Business Process Outsourcing services for Telecom, Utility, and Loss Prevention Expense Management services, as well as Mobile Device Management (MDM) Support Desk services for placing orders for Wireless services and equipment. 

RadiusPoint© began in January 1992 with a focus on telecom and utility audit and inventory services. In early 1996, RadiusPoint’s© CEO, Sharon Watkins, was approached by a large oil and gas company for the monthly Expense Management services for their 10,000 locations. “No software existed to manage this in an automated manner,” states CEO, Sharon Watkins, “so we began the development of what is now our ExpenseLogic™ software.” The ExpenseLogic™ software finished development in June of 1998 and was used for the first Expense Management Client in October of 1998. 

RadiusPoint© has consistently surveyed their clients to determine what challenges they are facing daily to manage their telecom and utility services. Armed with this information, RadiusPoint© continues development of the software, ExpenseLogic™, which is now in its sixth generation. Additionally, RadiusPoint© added the management of Loss Prevention invoices and services in 2011 to the suite of services offered to their clients. 

RadiusPoint’s© Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Utility Expense Management (UEM) services, and Mobile Device Management (MDM) involve a monthly management of the invoices and continuous review of the charges from vendors. The invoices are established in the ExpenseLogic™ software so that the charges for each location would be allocated appropriately and in a timely manner. RadiusPoint© has the invoices processed for payment and allocated within a few days of the receipt of the invoice from the vendor. The timeliness of the services enables the staff to review those important issues or services immediately and at their desktop instead of rifling through stacks of invoices. 

RadiusPoint© is able to audit the invoices on a monthly basis with ExpenseLogic™, RadiusPoint’s© proprietary software, which allows for a line item audit. This monthly audit encompasses services for telecom, including landlines, data circuits, and wireless services and energy, gas, and trash. Errors are identified and reconciled with the vendor, which creates a credit or refund situation and avoids any future costs for those same charges. These charges are detailed and reported to the client when the credit on the invoices appears or the refund check is received. These activities impact the Client’s bottom line and ensure a positive ROI! 

ExpenseLogic™ is sixth generation technology-based, problem-solving software, used to manage the daily issues and invoices that stem from a company’s Telecom, Utility, IT, and Loss Prevention expenses. To provide a complete solution a Provisioning and Help Desk portal allows a company to centralize and validate the entire Procure-to-Pay Lifecycle. All of this functionality for Telecom and Utility invoices and expenses is provided on one software platform, which is unique in the Expense Management field. 

RadiusPoint© provides a broad portfolio of business and technology expense management solutions to help its clients worldwide improve their business performance. Core services consist of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Licensed Software with respect to Telecom, Utility, IT, and Loss Prevention invoices and expenses. RadiusPoint© uses ISO 9001 processes and meets government regulated standards (Sarbanes Oxley) through SSAE No. 16 certification. RadiusPoint’s© corporate headquarters is based in Orlando, Florida with a service office located in Memphis, TN, and provides services worldwide. 

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