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RadiusPoint© announces the release of the newest upgrade of ExpenseLogic™, ExpenseLogic™ 5.0. This new version of the software allows for more versatility in reporting and an even more robust software platform than before. This release coincides with RadiusPoint’s© annual Training Conference in Orlando on October 21st, where the current Client attendees of RadiusPoint© will be trained on the new software reporting. 

“Our Client’s asked for some of these new report features and RadiusPoint© listened,” states Sharon Watkins, the CEO. Each January RadiusPoint© sends out a Customer Survey that includes a section on software capabilities. Each Client is asked to give input as to what new reports or capabilities would be helpful or would create greater ease in performing their daily tasks. Many of the new reports added came about due to requests from the Client. 

ExpenseLogic™ is fifth generation technology-based, problem-solving software, used to manage the daily issues and invoices that stem from a company’s Telecom, Utility, Energy and IT expenses. To provide a complete solution a Provisioning and Help Desk portal allows a company to centralize and validate the entire Procure-to-Pay Lifecycle. The organizations will have this feature to manage and maintain the information for all orders placed as their locations continue to grow each year. 

The Key Benefits of the software additions are: 

  • Greater visibility into invoice charges – line items audits are performed
  • Quick Dashboard reporting that can be used in presentations
  • Greater Drill down capabilities that will get you to answers that are needed

Through ExpenseLogic™, RadiusPoint’s© proprietary software a line item audit is performed by the RadiusPoint© to ensure accuracy. This monthly audit encompasses services for telecom, including landlines, data circuits and wireless services and energy, gas and trash. Errors are identified and reconciled with the vendor, which creates a credit or refund situation and avoids any future costs for those same charges. 

The RadiusPoint© client struggles with various daily elements that create situations that are sometimes beyond the ability of the internal staff to handle. Many times the simple tasks of receiving the multiple invoices and obtaining approval in a timely manner can be the greatest issue. Many of the telecom invoices are multiple pages and have many types of services or elements of the services involved on one invoice. The utility invoices are more easily understood but the various elements of usage must be entered into a smart software system for proper analysis. 

RadiusPoint’s© Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Utility Expense Management (UEM) services involve a monthly management of the invoices and constant review of the charges from the vendors. The invoices are established in the ExpenseLogic™ software so that the charges for each location would be allocated appropriately and in a timely manner. RadiusPoint© has the invoices processed for payment and allocated within a few days of the receipt of the invoice from the vendor. The timeliness of the services enables the staff to review those important issues or services immediately and at their desktop instead of going through stacks of invoices. 

RadiusPoint© provides a broad portfolio of business and technology expense management solutions to help its clients worldwide improve their business performance. Core services consist of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Software as a Service (SaaS), and License Software with respect to Telecom, Utility, Energy and IT invoice and expenses. RadiusPoint© uses ISO 9001 processes and meets government regulated standards (Sarbanes Oxley) through SAS 70 certification. RadiusPoint’s© corporate headquarters is based in Memphis, Tennessee with a service office located in Orlando, Florida and provides services worldwide. 
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