Aims to revolutionize fashion industry expense management
ORLANDO, August 12, 2014RadiusPoint has inked a deal with an internationally known retailer and manufacturer with more than 150 stores worldwide. This contract will include inventory management and utility expense management services, and marks the sixth retail client added to RadiusPoint’s portfolio in the past two years.
An ROI Retailers Can’t Ignore.
“The 2013 ROI for our retailers was on average 367%, which was accomplished through monthly auditing and streamlined processes performed by RadiusPoint”, says Sharon Watkins, RadiusPoint CEO. “ We look forward to providing our new client the same exceptional return on investment that the fashion industry has come to expect from us.”
RadiusPoint Produces Dramatic Results For Retailers.
Trusting RadiusPoint to take over expense management allows retailers to concentrate on expanding their locations, as well as providing uninterrupted services for their customers. While they focus on these core areas, RadiusPoint scrutinizes their utility and telephone invoices, and identifies overcharges, errors and contract violations. In the past two years, RadiusPoint has provided the following results for other retailer clients:

  • Reduced electric and gas invoices by more than $9,000 for 15 locations for a retail client
  • RadiusPoint worked with a local telephone carrier to obtain a credit over $82,000 and a monthly cost avoidance of $12,000 for a discount retailer.
  • RadiusPoint identified a 100% increase in monthly gas bill charges for a major retailer. They then contacted the vendor and identified a billing error, resulting in $7,000 invoice credit.
  • RadiusPoint identified over $19,000 in overcharges for a national retailer’s loss prevention equipment and warranty invoices for one quarter
  • Saved a major retailer over $4,273 in excessive water/sewer utility usage

About RadiusPoint
Founded in 1992, RadiusPoint is a leading provider of Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Utility Expense Management (UEM), Loss Prevention Expense Management (LPEM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) services. With corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida, RadiusPoint provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to help its clients improve business performance worldwide.
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