Do you ever need to know what phone numbers or meter numbers are at a specific location?  Do you need the circuit number of the PRI or MPLS circuit to call in a trouble?   Most companies do not have a complete inventory of all services and assets or equipment at each physical location.  Enter ExpenseLogic.

A Tennessee County Government had no inventory created for their services, POTs lines, circuits or their devices.   The current staff was overwhelmed just to get the invoices processed on time and payments made for each service.  The breakdown of the invoice for allocation and IDB reporting took place weeks after the invoice was paid.  This delay in Data Analytics made it impossible to make intelligent and timely business decisions.

RadiusPoint had the capability to not only assist with their Big Data needs but was able to identify their inventory and house their specific information as it pertained to landline, wireless and circuit numbers, as well as, wireless device serial numbers, router and PBX information.

Inventory Management is one of the eight cornerstones in one software platform that ExpenseLogic manages well.  The initial Inventory and Audit service gathers the information that needs to be housed in ExpenseLogic and the information is readily available when you need to know specific information about the services or equipment at a location.   Not only is this a time saver for your Facilities and Telecom/IT team but the savings from removing unwanted services and keeping them off of your invoices is unique and valuable business advantage.

This Government entity was able to see a soft dollar savings monthly with RadiusPoint processing and allocating the invoices.   The typically delayed IDB reporting went out automatically from ExpenseLogic at the end of each month with no human interaction required!