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With all of the constant technology innovations, security breaches, updates and changing solutions how do you ensure your employees and organization remain current and knowledgeable? Do you provide in house, continuation training? Maybe you send staff to training events or conferences? Or maybe you provide online training opportunities? There are so many options at our fingertips, but how do you determine which is the most valuable to your organization and resources?
At RadiusPoint, we have found that all-inclusive events typically work best with a lot of our clients. Events that include leadership, innovation, strategy, solutions and peer/mentor networking are an ideal opportunity to gain knowledge within your industry, learn about new innovations and changes, network with peers to determine what has/has not been working within their organization and look at solutions to continue moving your organization forward.
Next week, some of the RadiusPoint staff will be attending the CIO Visions Leadership Summit, providing those employees with a single venue which offers multiple learning and networking opportunities. We look forward to our employees learning about challenges other organizations have faced, how they were resolved, lessons learned, best practices and new technologies. We are also looking forward to educating organizations about the benefits of expense managementasset management and internal department collaboration that RadiusPoint provides our clients during this event. Our senior leadership values the importance ensuring RadiusPoint employees have access to continuation training, knowledge on the latest/upcoming technologies and an understanding of the problems our customers face. We understand that without these tools we cannot continue to provide our clients with the superior level of customer care while constantly ensuring the ability of our staff to resolve each issue our clients face.
If you would like to learn more about RadiusPoint, our solutions or upcoming eventsplease visit our website or contact us.