Partnering with a Managed Service Provider that tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to create a positive Return on Investment (ROI) just makes sense.  If that Partner is serious about creating a positive ROI for you and your team, the partnership is a Win-Win.
For many organizations hiring a Partner to manage the Telecom, Wireless and Utility invoices is a must.  Having that Partner manage the invoice lifecycle from receipt to payment is a lifesaver.  When that Partner is making sure that your ROI is positive, meaning that your organization is saving enough in hard and soft dollar savings to exceed their monthly fees, the relationship enters another level.
Do you have a Managed Service Provider that provides a weekly Exception report that reveals overcharges and new charges, ie. New lines of service, that needs to be investigated before paying?  Does the provider research the charges with the vendor to go after credits that are due to your organization?  As long as the telecom and utility vendors provide invoices, there will be errors and RadiusPoint’s team uses proven processes of identifying these systemic billing errors.  RadiusPoint identifies those errors on a monthly basis, reconciles with the vendor to return the overcharges and then verifies the savings with the vendors.
RadiusPoint is serious about providing a positive ROI for our Client’s.  Contact us if you are serious about having a Partner that can exceed your expectations.