In current years, there has been disruption throughout the telecommunication industry called SD-WAN (Software-Defined-Wide-Area Network). A major driving force for this early interest in SD-WAN was the cost, producing a savings of 40% or more for businesses. However, there are several additional features and benefits to this service.
Gartner has estimated that 25% of enterprises will adopt this technology within 2 years, but presently 20% of enterprises are already using significant deployments of SD-WAN.
What is SD-WAN?
SD-WAN is a technology application applied to WAN connections which are used to provide a larger network connection to corporations and their branch offices. In other words, it transforms enterprise networks from slow moving to fast and responsive. This is achieved through additional channels on top of channel links such as MPLS, broadband, and LTE to transfer data. Sensitive data will be sent through these links, but less critical data can be sent through other means, reducing the costs to have the MPLS transmit both groups of data.
Benefits of SD-WAN services

  • Increasing demand for bandwidth
  • Increasing use of 4G LTE for back-up
  • Business internet becomes an attractive and competitive option
  • Vendor hype has created high interest

Managed Services vs DIY
While there are challenges are both sides, many companies are finding that managed SD-WAN services are more advantageous than DIY. Most vendors are not staffed to handle the larger deployments without a service provider. Also, on-site services require local, experienced resources and lifecycle management requires more skills, staffing or hour coverage than expected.  Choosing to outsource managed SD-WAN services offers many options and flexibility to fit your business model and needs.
SD-WAN Providers
RadiusPoint© partners with Iron Shield Networks (ISN), an I.T. solutions provider offering service products to government and businesses across all vertical markets. ISN’s SD-WAN providers bring together application-aware routing, secure VPN capabilities, and a stateful firewall in an integrated solution that is easy to operate and maintain.
We provide two different SD-WAN technology platforms; SD-WAN basic and SD-WAN deluxe. The SD-WAN basic product is built on and supported by BigLeaf Networks’ infrastructure. Quick to deploy and easy to use, this option allows clients to create secure connections while increasing reliability using same IP failover.
Having an industry leader do the work for you frees up your time and resources, allowing you to focus on the company’s core business strategy. Together, we can achieve cost savings and network simplification with SD-WAN, saving you both time and money.

For more information on RadiusPoint© and ISN’s SD-WAN services, visit our website or contact us today.