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4 Benefits of Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

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While the term, Telecom Expense Management (TEM) seems to be easily understood by most, there are several benefits often overlooked that drive an effective TEM provider. The average global enterprise works with more than 70 carriers, and to properly manage each facet of those relationships can quickly evolve into a problem. However, partnering with a TEM [...]

RadiusPoint Expands ExpenseLogic 8.0 Capabilities

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orlando, FL May 17th, 2019- RadiusPoint, the leading service provider for telecom and utility expense management, has announced they will be expanding the Site Manager section to allow for Site and Equipment inventory to be managed within ExpenseLogic 8.0 software.  Last month, new additions were announced for Q2 updates and this is an extension of those [...]

Telecom Woes – A Restaurant’s (QSR) Experience

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For most enterprises across the nation, it is not a question of if you are overpaying on your telecom spend – it is a question of how much you are overpaying.

3 Pitfalls of One-Time Audits

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How is your company recovering any overages on paid invoices?  Typically a yearly internal inventory audit is performed to see what is missed over the last 12 months. While there are benefits to one-time auditing it is important to be aware of these three major pitfalls to ensure you are maintaining [...]

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