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Keeping 2019 Projects On Time and Under Budget

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As organizations prepare to close out another year, many IT leaders and Utility managers review each project, goal and budget to determine where their company stands. As you plan for the upcoming year, it’s a good idea to determine what changes need to be made, make goals and set timelines for certain projects to remain under [...]

Getting a Handle on your Telecommunication Expenses

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The Telecom Problem Most CIO’s and IT leaders do not look forward to negotiating their new telecom contract for long-distance communication, voice, data, and networking services. It’s already a complicated area but to have to figure out and compare pricing and which offers the best deal on VoIP and even MPLS sounds like a nightmare. To [...]

Managing Expenses in a BYOD Environment

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Many IT and Operation managers are unaware of all factors that impact corporate use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), resulting in unknown budgets for any type of stipends or reimbursements. On the other side to this, there is little research done on costs if companies should be issuing out the devices themselves rather than allowing [...]

TEM Challenges & Opportunities for The Government

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Government agencies face difficult choices when preparing their annual budget. What is necessary? What can be removed or reduced? What must be added? One thing that all government agencies have in common is the significant challenge of managing one of their most critical and strategic assets; their telecom network. Managing telecom expenses, tracking voice and data [...]

Managing Mobility in a Wireless World

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Most organizations live in a world of mobility. As enterprises are adopting sophisticated smartphones and increasing their mobility spends, managing security, service costs, and procurement has become critical. Whether it is through a mobile sales force, work anywhere employees, technicians or remote offices; IT departments are accountable for tracking employees and devices at overwhelming levels. This begs [...]

How Robust Is Your Telecom Management Tool?

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As seen in CIO Review magazine!   Today, the telecommunication landscape is experiencing a dramatic transition with the advent of disruptive technologies such as satellites, optical fibers, SD-WAN and Wi-Fi among others. Along with this development comes the complication of managing huge amount of data from telecom services and invoices. For organizations in this industry, a competent [...]

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RadiusPoint Identifies Over Half A Million Dollar Overcharge for Client!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orlando, FL October 31, 2018 - RadiusPoint©, the leading telecom, and wireless expense management provider detected a half a million dollar overcharge over a three month period for their client with 5000+ devices. This was due to incorrect contract rates set up on each service type and each wireless number by a well-known [...]

“You Get What You Pay For”

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”You get what you pay for” and “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” remind us every day that while a deal may look good on the surface that it could be something completely different once you peel back the layers. So goes the debate on Contingency fee versus flat fee telecom and utility service [...]

Trust, but Verify.

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Trust, but Verify. This phrase was used by former President Ronald Regan many times between 1984 and 1987 while he was negotiating the end of the Cold War with the Russian President. President Regan felt it was imperative to promote a feeling of trust to his potential partner, however, he also knew that he would need [...]

Do you have Cyber Security Protocols in Place?

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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and at RadiusPoint©, we want to provide you with some helpful tips to protect yourself and your company. Identify and Report Phishing is one of the most common technique scammers and hackers use to illegally gain access to private company information. What occurs many times is a phishing attack presents [...]