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Department Integration & Optimization Part 7: Telecom

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Last week, we shared Part 6, Information Technology which is very similar to this week’s Part 7 of our Department Integration & Optimization, Telecom. Our intelligent SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) ExpenseLogic integrates well with your telecom branch so you know exactly what your company is spending in devices and equipment, along with a system to order additional equipment [...]

Department Integration & Optimization Part 6: Information Technology

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Earlier last week, we shared how your Finance department fits in nicely with our software.  To kick off this week, we begin the next piece in our Department Integration and Optimization series with Part 6: Information Technology. ExpenseLogic, our intelligent software integrates well within this division of your enterprise, providing cost-effective measures to make better business [...]

Don't Let The Expense Management Piece Puzzle You

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Putting puzzles together as a kid was fun when you had all the time in the world to spend on such things. As an adult, piecing together the puzzle of the communications and utility invoices is time-consuming and just not fun. Identifying all of the services that your organization is billed for in the Communications or Utility area [...]

SD-WAN: What is all the hype about?

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In current years, there has been disruption throughout the telecommunication industry called SD-WAN (Software-Defined-Wide-Area Network). A major driving force for this early interest in SD-WAN was the cost, producing a savings of 40% or more for businesses. However, there are several additional features and benefits to this service. Gartner has estimated that 25% of enterprises will [...]

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