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Don't Let The Expense Management Piece Puzzle You

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Putting puzzles together as a kid was fun when you had all the time in the world to spend on such things. As an adult, piecing together the puzzle of the communications and utility invoices is time-consuming and just not fun. Identifying all of the services that your organization is billed for in the Communications or Utility area [...]

Navigating The Utility Maze with Expense Management

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The Utility Maze Utility provider billing errors are as inevitable as the bills themselves. The most common error is billing at an incorrect rate. Typically, utilities account for more than 15% of an organizations monthly overhead expense and subtle rate changes often go unnoticed by the accounting team. Over time this can have a substantial financial [...]

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Get Back Your Security Deposit on Utility Accounts with RadiusPoint!

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Request a Refund for your Utility Security Deposit One of the worst kept secrets in the utility industry, yet a method that many corporations hardly utilize is requesting refunds for security deposits on utility accounts. It is common practice for many utility providers to refund a security deposit in full (for businesses) who have at least [...]