Our Future of IoT series is back in full swing! The topic for this week covers an enhanced service we offer beyond our traditional Telecom and Utility Expense Management, Lease Management in relation to IoT.

Lease Management

IoT is a way for ‘things’ to connect, allowing data to be transferred and monitored from one device to others. Lease management, which can be for your facility, fleet, or equipment, plays a vital role in the IoT world, ensuring that your contracts and leases are up to date allowing you to act on the data received from IoT devices. Imagine the power of knowing everything about your company’s assets, their faults and how they run or change because of the access to transferable data and monitoring.  By being proactive and adopting IoT’s innovative approach, you will be able to better plan accordingly for the development, support, and logistics of your company’s assets.

How does this affect RadiusPoint’s ability to help your business?

RadiusPoint offers Lease Expense Management services for Real Estate, Fleet, and Equipment by utilizing a combination of contract and Inventory and Asset Management. We ensure that each client consistently maintains accurate information & detailed reporting across all contracts and assets stored in our proprietary software, ExpenseLogic™ while guaranteeing cost management practices are firmly in place.  This means you would have the ability to see the contract terms, equipment and\or location information as well as any changes that will occur over the life of the lease on one easy to use platform. Without robust software focusing on small details that are often overlooked, you may be potentially overspending thousands of dollars that ultimately should have been saved and put back into your organization.

As corporations remain innovative in technology and embrace systems that give them tools to proactively solve problems, RadiusPoint will continue to provide Business Intelligence in granular detailed reporting which will not only save money but can free up your staff to focus on IoT expansion and implementation along with your business’ core strategy.

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