Reading The Manual

Have you ever tried to read a manual from a DIY project you spotted off the TV or internet? They showed you step by step how to build a furniture piece or how to put together a new outdoor patio area. Then all of a sudden, you’re spending hours trying to figure out what the steps mean, not taking into account the labor of actually completing it.  What may seem like an easy enough task turns into an unfinished gazebo collecting dust.  While anyone can do anything they set their mind to, possessing the time and experience coupled with the right tools is what can make or break the entire dream.

Big Data Analytics = The Manual

Recent hot trends like big data analytics, cloud computing, and AI (Machine Learning) hold the same concept. So, what does it all mean? The growth of information received from smart devices, social media, IoT deployments, customer feedback, etc. is overwhelming. To have such knowledge is highly beneficial as large companies are already using this outburst of big data analytics to improve both internal and external workflows.  The problem is no longer centered around how to obtain the knowledge due to advanced technology, but not having the time to figure out what to do with the data, or time to “read and understand the manual” is.

Understanding The Manual

To perform expense management services for your enterprise, you must at least have a basic understanding of how invoice costs and services need to be broken down and not just invoice processing. However, even then, it is not enough. In this technology-driven era, big data is at our fingertips, but with the number of work disruptions in fast-paced environments, who has the time to figure out what to do with all this information? Filtering through thousands of invoices for hundreds of locations to ensure accuracy is just plain time-consuming. Choosing to outsource telecom or utility expense management can be a great advantage because their sole job is to “read the manual” and piece together data analytics so you can focus on what’s important- continually developing your core businesses strategy. The key is having the tools and the time.

RadiusPoint’s Take on The Manual

RadiusPoint© offers the right tools and 26 years’ experience in expense management for the telecom, wireless and utility arena. Our automated processes give IT teams and enterprise managers’ real-time visibility and operational intelligence to productively manage their telecom and utility expenses.  We use ExpenseLogic™, our cloud-based IT- tracking SaaS to tap into the large volume of big data such as invoices, contract rates, inventory, the ordering of new devices and much more while receiving real-time alerts of overages. By providing this data insight, telecom and utility managers can not only make faster, more effective operational decisions but can also save money due to incorrect billing charges or by locating a leak in water.
Our focus on these transactions has allowed ExpenseLogic™ to become the most intelligent, flexible software application and service offering in the industry. Its ability to create Big Data Analytics in real time combined with RadiusPoint’s dedicated IT team converts your billing data into strategic business insight and immediate cost savings.

To learn more about RadiusPoint’s capabilities, please visit our website or contact us today at 407-657-4169.