Telecom Expense Management (TEM) began due to the constant evolution of IT Communications. Over time, enterprises quickly realized managing expenses for multiple locations became cumbersome. Many enterprises have chosen to do their own TEM in-house as what they thought to be a simple, low-cost fix. However, to efficiently process invoices, maintain inventory, correct discrepancies, and overall manage the entire communications lifecycle can be nearly impossible with your main day to day job tasks. Additionally, the expansion of new devices has spawned security risks and other IT related concerns that have ultimately led managers to reconsider an in-house approach.
With the right tools and experience, it’s no question whether firms should choose to outsource TEM or keep in-house. Since its inception in 1992, RadiusPoint’s 26 years’ in the Telecom Expense Management market has grown tremendously, but our foundation has always been built around these top 3 reasons below.
# 1. Significant Cost Savings                     
Companies may wonder how they’re saving money paying for vendor fees, but our pricing model is less than in-house personnel. RadiusPoint’s IT tracking cloud-based SaaS, ExpenseLogic™, alone provides accuracy via auditing algorithms that many individuals may miss, let alone one individual trying to process invoices to ensure precision. On the other hand, hiring a highly qualified employee costs even more, so why spend time and money training a new employee when you could hire a team of experienced individuals at a significantly lower cost? We also add value to your business by providing Cost Avoidance and dollars refunded due to vendor billing errors.
2. Save Time by Freeing Up Resources
By freeing up your staff’s time to focus on your core business strategy, you will have peace of mind knowing efforts are allocated efficiently. With evolving technology trends, ensuring your team is constantly up to date in IT, IoT, or AI knowledge can be expensive. TEM is a complex set of systems that involve more than simply processing invoices and managing inventory such as the procurement of new devices, support desk, management of MACD’s, negotiating contracts, and hunting for vendor credits. The right TEM vendor will put the little valuable time you have back where it belongs- into your organization.

3. Business Intelligence
On top of saving time and money, having a dedicated IT Team coupled with technical expertise and an intelligent SaaS, like ExpenseLogic™ will transform Big Data analytics into immediate cost savings, strategic Business Intelligence, and insight. In today’s technology-driven era, remaining innovative in not only the telecom industry but in intelligent systems as well is crucial in offering a proactive, flexible solution. RadiusPoint© was recently analyzed by Gartner, the world’s leading IT research and advisory firm, as a Representative Vendor in their May 2018 Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management Services.
While there are many other reasons to outsource TEM services, make sure you partner with an experienced TEM provider that best suits your needs and truly makes sense for your business strategy. RadiusPoint©, a leader in the Telecom, Wireless, and Utility expense management fields, offers flexible service levels so you can only pay for what is necessary. We can assure you the hard and soft dollar savings of outsourcing TEM services will outweigh its costs. For further evidence, take a look at our client’s 2017 ROI.

To learn more about the benefits of RadiusPoint’s TEM solution, please visit our website or contact us today at 407-657-4169.