Thank you for your Service – You may have said this to someone that you see in their military uniform while going about your everyday life.  Veteran’s Day is a special day of remembrance for all of those that are serving or have served in our military.   There are those that no longer wear their uniforms, however, the sacrifices they made should never be forgotten.
We are so fortunate at RadiusPoint© to have many Veteran’s working on our team.   The maturity, special skills, and servitude they bring to the table are a huge asset to our company.    We have recently had one of our Veteran’s retire that made an impression upon everyone who had the chance to work with him.

Burland Brown, Army Veteran

Burland has been a lead software developer for RadiusPoint’s proprietary software, ExpenseLogic™ for the past 6 years.   He has recently retired, however, he is never more than a phone call away and most months he works several hours assisting the current software team with questions.  His knowledge and skill he brings to RadiusPoint© make him invaluable to the company and his team.
Burland Brown served in the 3rd Army, 614th Maintenance Company, AVEL (AVionic ELectronics) Unit, 3rd Platoon.  Burland repaired and controlled the distribution of VHF and UHF radios used in attack helicopters at Camp Holloway in Pleiku, Viet-Nam.  Like most other people that chose to serve, Burland had to face several challenges during and after his service to his country.  During his service, he had the normal issues of the reduced income that occurred when he was serving in the military.  This is often one of the sad facts that face those that want to serve their country as the pay gap is often unavoidable.  However, those that serve want to serve and protect our country and its citizens, will take on the lower compensation to make a difference.
During Burland’s time in service in Pleiku, Viet-Nam he was exposed to Agent Orange which has now surfaced as a health issue and caused him to have to retire earlier than what he would have liked.   Other than current health issues, probably the most challenging issue that Burland faced was his return home to the US after his service for his country.  Viet-Nam veterans did not receive positive recognition upon returning home.  This attitude has finally changed, and these veterans are now being recognized for their service.
In today’s environment, while not as contentious as the Vietnam era, there may be some that do not honor the sacrifice of our veterans.  It is so important to recognize all veterans for their service and to seek them out for the positive attributes that they bring to the table when they work at your company.   There is no better example of this than Burland.  Over the past 6 years, Burland has not once missed a deadline or underestimated the timeline of a project.
The military’s training for servitude can create caring individuals that think of others before themselves.  This is evident daily in Burland’s life at RadiusPoint©.  Burland has the biggest heart of any man that has been a part of our team.  Burland is always the first one to give towards a gift for the many weddings, birth’s or employee family bereavement occurrences at our office.  I think that many older people would think to let the younger people handle these types of things, but Burland takes responsibility for the younger people and wants to be involved in their lives.
RadiusPoint© has the honor of having several Veteran’s on our various teams and we realize their sacrifice and appreciate the fact that they chose our company to land after their service to our country.  Thank you for your service.