Volunteering – Yes we can!

Should we create a Volunteer Program at our Company?
One question that is becoming more common in job placement interviews is, “what other benefits are offered” when discussing the normal benefits package.  Many people are looking for jobs that allow them to give back to the community.
Will starting a Volunteer Program really benefit your company?   Yes, in more ways than one would expect.
Keeping an employee engaged in their job is sometimes very hard to do, especially with millennials that need to feel a connection through their work and their peers.  Many millennials have been raised with a sense of giving back to the community and if their job supports them in this, it is a win, win for the employee and the company.  Research shows that almost 80% of employees surveyed prefer to work for a company that cares.  Allowing employees to engage in volunteer work stimulates camaraderie and a sense of meaningful work existence.
A more satisfied employee will not only make a better work environment but will actually save the company money.  Employees leave a job for many reasons and some of the top reasons for leaving a company is a lack of relationship with coworkers and lack of contribution to the company’s goals.  Many employee’s feel that they are contributing towards the company’s goals by participating in their organizations Volunteer Program.  Many employees work with coworkers on volunteer projects that further boosts the work place camaraderie.  Reducing turnover is always a major goal of a company and putting a Volunteer Program in place will assist in reaching this goal and will reduce turnover costs.
Helping the community is the greatest benefit and one that should be charted.  RadiusPoint began an official Volunteer Program in January of this year.   RadiusPoint’s CEO developed the program that has been put into place and named a Peer Review Board to allow the employees to quickly get their volunteer organizations and time approved.  RadiusPoint will pay an employee two hours per month to donate their time to an approved volunteer organization.  This will be done during working hours which will give many employees the ability to donate their time, that wouldn’t normally be able to do so.
Some of the ways that RadiusPoint is encouraging their employee’s to donate their time is at the employee’s child’s school to read to their child’s class or work in the lunchroom.  This will allow an employee to see their child during the day and to be more involved in their classroom.   This could also work for an employee that has their elderly parent in an assisted living facility with donating time at that facility.   This Volunteer Program was developed to push the norm and to allow employees flexibility in how they give of their time to others.
Will the program deliver the expected results?  This is yet to be determined, however, the feedback from the employees is positive.  The Peer Review Board is researching organizations that need volunteers to help the employees plug in to the community.  Getting as many employees involved as possible will be the key to success.