RadiusPoint can now sell directly to the government as we have been awarded our IT Schedule 70 Contract from the General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA connects vendors with a wide variety of government opportunities to help streamline contract processes and speed service delivery.


Government entities often have unique invoice management challenges, due cumbersome processes and budgetary constraints. Savings on telecom, wireless and utility is needed, but the ability to create the savings is not available to most of these entities.  The need for Data Analytics is a must. With ExpenseLogic, the savings start now.  ExpenseLogic takes the stress out of invoice processing and management by providing the following key benefits:


  • A low entry cost solution that utilizes in-house management.
  • Big Data reporting to include IDB (interdepartmental budget) reports that can be emailed to end users monthly.
  • Wireless detail or summary reports, which can be sent to end users and their managers.
  • Fund/Organizational/Account number accounting process.

Client Receives $500k Refund On Their Wireless Bills!

Being overcharged on your Wireless invoice can happen and being prepared to not only identify the overcharge as it happens but to dispute it to prevent the payment, is a must.   So how can you identify the overcharge when the invoice is over 2,000 pages? With the...

What’s in your Inventory – Uncovering hidden services!

Government entity was able to immediately see a monthly Soft Dollar savings!

Reporting 101 – Meeting the Interdepartmental Budget Reporting needs!

Do you ever need to know what phone numbers or meter numbers are at a specific location?  Do you need the circuit number of the PRI or MPLS circuit to call in a trouble?   Most companies do not have a complete inventory of all services and assets or equipment at each...