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Understanding your company’s intricate needs for processing invoices and managing expenses is the first step in your journey. Being able to see the outcome before you select a solution will not only save you time, but will give you and your team the assurances that you are going down the right path, with the right partner.

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These are your stages in a typical buying process.

Identifying your state will allow you to make sure that each step that you should take, is taken at the right time.

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Key Finding from Gartner

Recent Gartner survey respondents state that when deploying telecom expense management (TEM), the average total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction of communications services is 13% - with more than two in five enterprises reporting a TCO reduction of between 10% and 20%.   Furthermore, 36% of enterprises saw a reduction of less than 10%.

Market Insights December 20, 2018

A $10,000,000 in Annual Telecom spend

An Average of 13% TCO reduction

would create $1,300,000 in savings

 What Stage are you in?

Following the below steps will allow you to accelerate your process and eliminate unnecessary time spent on evaluating Solutions that may not meet your needs.

Stage one - I have just now identified that there is a problem.

This is an opportunity to make a positive organisational change that will save money, time and improve the profile of your proponent. It is important to review who will be involved in this decision making process and to poll those departments for any current issues that they are experiencing or that they would like to resolve with this solution.  Get everyone together to allow each time to identify their needs, raise concerns and ask questions.  What Departments will be involved in this process?

Stage two - I am determining criteria that is needed in our Solution

Once you have created a list of issues by department, next determine what solutions should be evaluated.  This will be the longest part of your process but will save you time in the long run. Click here to See a list of common requirements. You can add or remove requirements based on your department’s needs.

Stage three - Vendors to be evaluated

Identify the information that is needed by the vendor’s to obtain pricing.  Most often this information will be at the Accounts Payable department. Typically, you will need the number of invoices and  dollar volume and the level of service that is needed. Evaluate and validate the proposal information from each vendor to determine which vendors will provide software demos.  Click here to download a vendor Rubric to evaluate your solutions.

Stage four - We are ready to select a Supplier

Coming to a Consensus on the chosen solution and vendor requires input from all of the departments that are involved in the Solution Journey.

Stage five - We are implementing a Solution

Going through the Set up process. See a timeline here. Governance of vendor and solution Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to validate and enhance the overall experience.

Stage six- Considering Renewal

If your company already has a vendor and it is time for a contract renewal, it may be beneficial to walk through some of the steps above to determine if the solution is still meeting your company’s needs or if a Solutions Journey is needed. Technology is changing fast, is your current provider providing the optimal outcome?  

400% ROI – Acquisition Growth = More Work!

  The airline industry is often fraught with service issues and this company with more than 200 airport locations across 6 continents was constantly working to ensure that their ground and cargo handling and other Executive services ranked above industry...

Cost Avoidance = Cost Savings – A Utility Tale

RadiusPoint identified $20K+ in monthly savings for Client

$500K Saved! Quick Service Restaurant Inventory = Half a million in savings.

Quick Service Restaurant Inventory = Half a million in savings.

Major Challenges in Telecom Vendor Contracts: One lump sum over $800K!

RadiusPoint saved their Client over $800k dollars due to incorrect data rate plans!

Automation = Savings in Healthcare

 Managing hundreds of office locations nationwide is a daunting task for the CIO and the IT team.  Add in the many mergers, acquisitions and partnerships and the management gets more complicated with each new technology offering.   Often the “want” to cut costs to...

What Departments will be involved in your decisions making process?

Ensuring that each department is fully on board with the solution will make the decision making process full proof.

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Sample Workflow Chart

Meeting Expectations

TEM vendors sometimes fail to provide their clients with clear service levels and target metrics.   This can prevent customers from recognizing actual service improvements and cost reductions in their telecom operations.

According to Gartner’s Service-Level Agreements in Telecom Expense Management Contracts Are Key to Vendor Performance, March 2015  

Click here for a Rubric that ensures that your vendors will be able to meet your key SLA’s.