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Understanding your company’s intricate needs for processing invoices and managing expenses is the first step in your journey. Being able to see the outcome before you select a solution will not only save you time, but will give you and your team the assurances that you are going down the right path, with the right partner.

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RadiusPoint’s solutions involve utilizing ExpenseLogic, RadiusPoint’s proprietary software and a team of passionate problem solvers to process and manage the full lifecycle of the telecom, Wireless, IT and utility invoices.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

ExpenseLogic TM is a licensed cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that easily performs your company’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM), and Utility Expense Management (UEM) in one, easy-to-use platform.

Our intelligent software supports Financial, Operations, and IT/Telecom departments with real-time access to important data analytics.  ExpenseLogic’s centralized location maintains basic through advanced business operations information, such as vendors, services, orders placed, contract and lease terms, and assets/equipment, enabling organizations to manage multiple vendors, end-users, and purchases on a daily basis.

Questions to ask when searching for a Vendor.  Build your requirements.

Click here to download the vendor Rubric to evaluate your solutions.

Recommended Specification SMART
Does the software platform have the ability to provide full visibility into receipt to payment of telecom, IT and utility invoices? Yes
Does the system and services include an Interface file that will interface into our Accounting software? Yes
What Accounting software can you interface with? SAP, Oracle, Great Plains, JD Edwards, Lawson, homegrown, etc.  There are no limitations on what Accounting software we can interface with.
Do you have the ability to allocate charges to cost center and GL account? Yes
Can you provide the Accrual file? Yes
Does the solution provide both telecom, wireless, IT and utility expense management services? Yes
Is your solution capable of processing international billing and paying in foreign currencies and if so, please list? Yes – Any currency
Are you able to provide services globally? Yes
Will we be assigned a dedicated account team? Yes
Does your company manage the full life cycle of Telecom & Utility expenses to include: inventory management and change control, sourcing, procurement and fulfillment, invoice management, expense management (including validation and optimization), usage charge back, bill payment, invoice disputes and reporting? Yes
Is your company able to perform audits against current Telecom & Utility contracts? Yes
Does your solution include the automatic generation of needed reports, such as an Exceptions Report, and other reports as needed by the staff for budget forcasting? Yes
Will the solution allow my staff to go in and generate a report? Yes
Can these reports be downloaded in an Excel format? Yes
Does the software support downloading as a .pdf? Yes
Recommended Specification SMART
Does the Solution capture MACD activity to ensure that inventory records remains accurate and if so, how? Yes; Once the order is placed, the new service and Service ID will flow into the Inventory section with the appropriate billing informaon.  The limits will be set set at the actual cost that is agreed to during the set up or at the contract rate that should be billed.  Once the exception report is created, it will identify any overcharges that are a result in service errors created during the set up process.
Do you provide order management tracking? Yes
Do you have the capability to stock accessories? Yes
Do you provide an inventory dashboard for real time inventory management? Yes
Do you provide inventory reporting? Yes
Are you capable of providing an approval workflow for orders? Yes
Do you provide dispute management with carriers? Yes
Recommended Specification RADIUSPOINT
Do you have the ability to convert paper invoices into electronic billing? Yes
Do you have the ability to receive electronic invoicing (EDI) from all carriers? Yes
Do you have the ability to translate native languages into English? Yes – any language
Is your solution capable of processing international billing and paying in foreign currencies? Yes
Do you have the ability to make payments direct to carriers on behalf of Clients and what is the process? Yes;  A processing report for all invoices procssed during that time period is provided to Client. Client then funds the account and the payment is made by us to the appropriate vendor.
Do you have a procedure for reimbursement of payments made direct to carriers on behalf of clients? Yes
Do you have the ability to make payments in multiple currencies? Yes


Recommended Specification SMART
Does the solution have 1 software platform to view all invoices and orders? Yes
Does the solution provide root cause analysis reporting and SQL Query? Yes
Does the solution support SD-WAN management? Yes
Does the solution support Cloud billing management? Yes
Does the solution provide provision services such as placing IT equipment and device orders? Yes
Does the solution provide a MACD ticketing system? Yes
Does the solution provide a full IT asset management system? Yes


Recommended Specification SMART
Does the solution offer energy conservation and sustainability measures such as onsite renewable generation? Yes
Does the solution provide assistance with EnergyStar Portfolio Management Certification?  Yes
Does the solution negtionat utility rates in deregulated markets?  Yes
Does the solution assist with decreasing your carbon footprint? Yes
Does the solution provide carbon footprint reporting? Yes
Does the solution have a site utility equipment database? Yes


Recommended Specification SMART
Do you have support services 24X7X365? Yes; depending on client need. 
Does the solution/software have a customized portal for ordering of devices and services? Yes
If an employee ‘s cell phone is lost or stolen off hours, do you have a process/workflow to deactivate and provide a replacement to the employee? Yes; Employee would log into the web portal to order disconnect for RP to fulfill and order request for RP to fulfill. All orders follow the clients workflow design which is esatblished at the onset.  
Do you have a support model for BYOD users? Yes; The BYOD user can have rights based on management’s desire to wholly or partially manage the device.  The Work flow created for this can be created based on the client’s needs.  
Do you provide Customized after hours support? Yes
Do you have a process for managing returned devices for the loaner pool if the client has an employee leave and their mobile devices are collected? Yes; A return kit would be sent to the end user to return all equipment assigned to that user and once the equipment is returned the devices would be refurbished and placed in inventory stock to be reissued once needed.  Internal tracking would track the device and provide proper allocations to department for return and then reassignment.  
Recommended Specification RADIUSPOINT
Do you provide an end user portal? Yes
Do you provide kitting & set up services? Yes
If “Yes to the above question, is the workflow customizable? Yes
Do you provide Multi-tiered approvals? Yes
Do you provide Automated approvals? Yes
Do you provide Alerts to approvers? Yes
Do you provide audit tracking / reporting? Yes
Do you manage the return of devices – e.g. retire, recycle, replacement, etc.? Yes
What is your SLA for provisioning new devices (order thru delivery to user)? Varies based on customer requirements – usually overnight
Can the Solution’s procurement portal be customized to allow self-service purchasing of mobile devices and accessories from approved wireless carriers? Yes, as well as IT Equipment and services as a tailored online shopping experience
Does the the Solution’s portal support approval and workflow processes with automated email notifications?  Yes.  There are various automated email notifications that can be turned off and on as required by the Client.  A few of these automated email notifications are; when order is placed, when order is assigned, when order is approved, when order is not approved (includes Client specific instructions on next steps), etc…

Can the Solution support various device transactions (including but not limited to the following)?

  Activation of new service
  Deactivation of services
  Porting of service numbers
  Device serial number/electronic serial number Change
  Transfers of Liability
  Monthly transaction report detailing phone number, order date, and ship date for all transactions

Basic Business Device Functionality
Kitting & Testing-Management reporting of wireless devices and accessories, testing, programming
Warranty Management reporting
Describe how the Solution supports provisioning, including mobile device service activation and preparing the device for deployment. RadiusPoint can provide Kitting and Testing services that ensures that the device is set up for the end user upon receipt.   RadiusPoint would be able to house devices and accessories, as well as, receive devices through a Return Kit policy, refurbish those devices and reassign them as required.   ExpenseLogic provides Return Management Reporting that will allow the Client to see how many devices are ready for deployment.  
Does the Solution support the following deployment activities/tasks to prepare the device for “out of the box use” by the end user? Select all that apply:
  Staging and kitting (all mobile devices and accessories)
  Loading services (load applications and test mobile devices)
  Bulk deployment projects (manage and execute large scale deployments)
Yes on each
Does the Solution support the following break/fix or replace activities:
o Warranty Management: Support replacement requests that cover devices which are still under the carrier’s warranty period.  
o Is the Supplier’s Solution capable of determining if a device is under warranty? 
o Can the Supplier’s Solution generate optimal options for replacement based on warranty coverage?  
o Break/Fix Replace Service: Acquire and store an inventory of refurbished and/or replacement devices per the Participating Bank’s preference and agreed upon quantities.  
o Replace devices within a specified SLA

Yes on each.
ExpenseLogic has fields that shows the Warranty period and can report on all devices that are still under warranty or that the warranty has expired.   If a device is not under warranty, the RadiusPoint team would follow the required protocol of the Client for providing options for replacement.  This would be driven by the Client’s Wireless Policy.

RadiusPoint would be able to house devices and accessories, as well as, receive devices through a Return Kit policy, refurbish those devices and reassign them as required. 

RadiusPoint does have specific SLA’s that would be followed for each return and replacement order.  (Attach SLA document


Key Finding from Gartner

Recent Gartner survey respondents state that when deploying telecom expense management (TEM), the average total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction of communications services is 13% - with more than two in five enterprises reporting a TCO reduction of between 10% and 20%.   Furthermore, 36% of enterprises saw a reduction of less than 10%.

Market Insights December 20, 2018

A $10,000,000 in Annual Telecom spend

An Average of 13% TCO reduction

would create $1,300,000 in savings

What to expect once you go live and RadiusPoint is managing your invoices and services. 

During the Set up process (click here to see a sample timeline for a set up.) RadiusPoint will create a Work flow that is specific to your company’s financial reporting needs.  This Sample Work flow shows a high level view of how we would meet your company’s specific Invoice Processing needs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.   Sample Work flow chart here.

Some issues that we have resolved for current clients:

  • Eliminate the paper invoices
  • Eliminate late fees
  • Break down the invoice information into intelligent reporting
  • Creation of Accrual files
Key Differentiator for choosing RP

A unique partner stands out in a crowd of competitors.  Being unique shows that you bring value to a partnerships, have listened in your meetings with the client, that you have created a list of needs and that you are making meeting their needs your mission to fulfill.  ExpenseLogic is a unique software tool that brings together 9 different software components onto one platform for all your reporting needs.


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What Departments will be involved in your decisions making process?

Ensuring that each department is fully on board with the solution will make the decision making process full proof.